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TitleMy Hindu Colouring Book
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Page 1 Online Publication

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Om Page 1
Our Hindu Gods, Mahadevas and their Symbols 2
Saint Auvaiyar’s Aathisoodi Advice 4&20
Puja Items 21
Worship at Home 27
Our Hindu Culture 29
Musical Instruments 33
The Hindu Temple 35
Hindu Saints 46

My Hindu Colouring Book

This book is dedicated in loving memory of
ÒGurudevaÓ Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

ÒGod is the Life of our life.Ó

Published by
Center for Hindu Studies
Multimedia Publishing
by Advaita Yoga Enterprise

Printed by
Danandjaya Enterprise,
Klang, Malaysia

This book is made possible with the assistance of
Dr&Mrs. S.Sockalingam, Dr. S.Sargunan Mr&Mrs.
Chandru & Latha Sockalingam and the late
Mr. P.Thuraisingam’s family.
This book may be used to promote and teach the
Hindu Dharma, however prior written approval from
the publisher is required to reprint over 50 copies or
for any commercial purpose. Contact:
Guhanathaswami, Center for Hindu Studies
No.36 Jalan Dato Hamzah, 41100 Klang, Selangor,
Email: [email protected]

Page 25

23 Puja Items


IInncceennssee ssttaanndd

Page 26

24Puja Items

PPuujjaa BBeellll




Page 51

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