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SIP 2010 Mobile Value Added Services



This is to certify that Mr. V. N V S Manikanta, student of NIT Warangal, undergoing

MBA program, has successfully completed his Summer Internship Program with a

project entitled “Mobile Value Added Services in Rural & Urban India” at Tata

Consultancy Services, Hyderabad (TCSH) for a period of 8 weeks from 14th

May,2010 to 9th July, 2010. His performance on the project during this period was


Tarun Handa,

Project Supervisor

Suryanarayana Kolachena,

Academic Relationship Manager

V. Rajanna,

Vice-President & Regional Head

Tata Consultancy services


Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

1 Software Units Layout Madhapur Hyderabad 500 081 Andhra Pradesh India

Tel +91 40 6667 2000 Fax +91 40 6667 2222 e-mail [email protected] website
Registered Office Bombay House Homi Mody Street Mumbai 400 001

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SIP 2010 Mobile Value Added Services









TATA Consultancy Services, Hyderabad

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SIP 2010 Mobile Value Added Services

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2.6.1 Stakeholders in VAS value chain

The main stakeholders involved in the VAS value chain are:

Content copyright owners: At the first level of the MVAS value chain are the content

copyright owners, which develop original copyright content. Examples include music

production houses (SaReGaMa, Sony), Bollywood production houses (Yash Raj Films), and

media houses (Sony, Star, Zee, etc.)

Customized content creators: Refers to companies that generate customized content for users

through their own portals. Examples include Mauj, One 97, and Hungama Mobile.

Content portals/aggregators: These are individuals/organizations that gather web content and

in some cases distribute content to suit customer needs. Examples include Indiatimes and

Hungama Mobile.

Mobile operators: They provide transport and support mechanisms for delivery of mobile

content. Examples include Airtel, Reliance, BSNL, MTNL, Hutch, Idea Cellular, etc.

Technology enablers: On the other end of the value chain are technology enablers. These

provide technology platforms that enable access to MVAS. Players include OnMobile, Bharti

Telesoft, Webaroo, etc.

Handset manufacturers: Mobile handset manufacturers have also started playing an important

role, through their interaction with all other stakeholders across the value chain. Their activities

include embedding software links in their handsets, allowing direct access to content portals,

creating services customized to the need of certain regions, etc. Key players in the Indian

market include Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung [2].

2.6.2 Current Revenue Sharing Arrangements

Operators typically retain the largest chunk of revenues across the value chain. Revenue sharing

arrangement for non-enterprise MVAS is typically 60–70% for the operators, 20–25% for the content

aggregators. Further, royalties paid out to the copyright owner accounts for 10–15% of the total

revenues [6].

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SIP 2010 Mobile Value Added Services

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Fig V: Revenue sharing across the value chain [6]

2.7. Revenue Forecasts

2.7.1 Mobile Services Market Revenue Forecast

With an ever-expanding subscriber base, it is anticipatd that the mobile service market in India,

although witnessing declining ARPU and intense price wars, will continue to exhibit moderator strong

growth in the forecast period.

Fig VI: Mobile services market-Revenue forecasts (India), 2008- 2015


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SIP 2010 Mobile Value Added Services

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6. Of this amount, on what do you spend the most on?

a)Voice calls b)SMS c)VAS

7. Are you aware of Value Added Services like News, Railway, Astrology, Cricket, Ringtones


a)Yes b) No

8. If Yes, do you use it? Yes/No

9. Which among the following mobile VAS do you use the most or planning to use?

a)SMS (Information +Alerts) b) Ringtones/CRBT c) Games

d)Email e) WAP/Data f) Entertainment

g) Wallpapers h) Others (Specify) _______________ i) N/A

10. If No, then Why?

a) Cost b) Usability Complicatedness c)Awareness d) Others, Specify_________

11. How often do you connect to your provider‟s portal?

a) Daily b) Once in a week c) Once in a month

d)Occasionally e) Regularly f) Never

12. How often do you use the VAS Services like download Wallpapers, Ringtones or games to

your mobile?

a)Daily b) Once in a week c) Once in a month

d)Occasionally e) Regularly f) Never

13. Would you like to receive advertisements on your mobile? Yes/No

If yes, what sort of? Specify _____________

14. Are you aware of mobile banking and mobile transactions? Yes? No

If Yes, do you use it? Yes/No

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SIP 2010 Mobile Value Added Services

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15. Are you satisfied with the services provided from your mobile operator?

a)Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

d)Dissatisfied e) Highly dissatisfied

16. What kind of mobile VAS do you wish to be introduced in the future?

a)No idea b) If yes, Specify _________________



Name: Age group:

a) Below 15 years

b) 15-30 years

c) 31-45 years

d) Above 45 years

Occupation: Sex: Male/Female

Your monthly income:

a) Below 5000

b) Between 5000 and 10,000

c) Between 10,000 and 15,000

d) Between 15,000 and 30,000

e) Above 30,000


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