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TitleMindful Compassion: How the Science of Compassion Can Help You Understand Your Emotions, Live in the Present, and Connect Deeply with Others
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Table of Contents
	Training the Mind
	Our Multiple Selves
	Understanding the Mind
	The Self We Might Choose
	The Importance of Wisdom
	The Lotus in the Mud
	Key Points
Waking Up
	The Four Noble Truths and Modern Psychology
	Emergence and Interconnectedness
	The Buddha’s Story and Us
	Key Points
Evolved Mind and Motivations
	Understanding Our Origins—The Flow of Life
	The Evolutionary Journey
	The Consequences of Evolution for Mindful Compassion
	Old and New Brains
	The Problems with Humans Getting Smart
	How the Brain Coordinates Itself
	Motives Coordinate the Mind
	Minds Full of Conflicts
	The Affliction of Self-Identity
	The Shamed Self
	The Compassionate Self and Its Benefits
	Bringing Our Story Together
	Key Points
Emotional Systems
	Problems with Emotions
	Emotional Regulation Systems
	Threat and Self-Protection System
	Why the Threat System Gives Us a Hard Time
	Drive and Resource-Seeking System
	The Soothing/Affiliation System
	All Want Love and to Be Loving
	Key Points
Emergence of Compassion
	What Is Compassion?
	Healing: Definition of Compassion
	The Attributes of Compassion: Engagement
	Bringing the Attributes Together and the Emergence of Compassion
	Skills of Compassion: Alleviation and Prevention
	The Two Psychologies of Compassion: Bringing Them Together
	Key Points
The Challenge of Mindfulness Practice
	The Role of Mindfulness
	Problems That Can Arise with Mindfulness
	Mindfulness and Motives
	Key Points
The Lotus in the Mud
	Understanding How Compassion Can Be Undermined
	Compromised Soothing/Affiliation System
	Misunderstandings About the Nature of Compassion
	Fears of and Resistances to Compassion
	Fear of Happiness
	Emotional Memory
	Affiliation and Emotional Memory
	Affiliation and Emotional Fusion
	Affiliation and Anger
	Affiliation and Slowing Down—in the Culture of Speeding Up
	Psychology of Avoidance
	The Story of Chenrezig
	Compassion as Ascent to the Angelic?
	Compassion as “Cleansing and Purifying” Inner Poisons
	The Real Story of Compassion—Descent
	Descent: Choden’s Personal Journey
	Descent and the Emergence of Compassion: The Beginning of New Life
	Compassion and the Flow of Life
	Key Points
	Introduction: Compassionate Motivation
	Outline of Practice Chapters
Mindfulness Practice
	Recognizing the Unsettled Mind
	Beginning to Work with Attention
	Slowing Down and Settling
	Opening Up to Our Senses
	Single-Focus Attention and Open-Field Awareness
	Grounding in the Body
	Body Scan
	Body Awareness and Compassion
	Sitting Practice
	Little and Often
	Key Stages
Working with Acceptance
	Habitual Reactions
	Familiarization and Cultivation
	Intention, Attention, and Acceptance
	Experiential Acceptance
	Two Psychologies of Compassion
	How Do We Practice Acceptance?
	Cultivating the Observer
	Key Points
Building Compassionate Capacity
	Compassion as Flow
	Working with Imagery
	No Clear Pictures
	Safe Place
	Compassionate Color
	Compassionate Image
	Recognizing Our Wish for Happiness
	Key Points
The Compassionate Self
	Cultivating Helpful Patterns
	Imagining Our Compassionate Self
	Method-Acting Techniques
	The Qualities of Our Compassionate Self
	Remembering Our Compassionate Self
	Doing the Work of Compassion
	Focusing Our Compassionate Self: Compassion for a Loved One
	Focusing Our Compassionate Self: Compassion for Oneself
	Self-Compassion Break
	Working with the Anxious Self
	Working with the Angry Self
	Working with the Critical Self
	Compassionate Behavior
	Key Points
Widening Our Circle of Compassion
	Four Limitless Contemplations
	Practicing Compassion for Others
	Dissolving and Equalizing “On the Spot”
	Tonglen: Taking and Sending
	Practicing Tonglen
	Tonglen on the Spot
	Key Points
Conclusion: The Compassionate Journey
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	1. Waking Up
	2. Evolved Mind and Motivations
	3. Emotional Systems
	4. Emergence of Compassion
	5. The Challenge of Mindfulness Practice
	6. The Lotus in the Mud
	7. Mindfulness Practice
	8. Working with Acceptance
	9. Building Compassionate Capacity
	10. The Compassionate Self
	11. Widening Our Circle of Compassion
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