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Written by: Michael Mass

Editor and Graphic Designer: Rafy Levy
Contributing Editor: JoAnn Sperber

AU photos are from the author's private collection unless
otherwise indicated.

© 2007 AU rights reserved by Desert Eagle Publishing
Approved by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Censorship Bureau

Printed in Korea

We would like to thank the following for their support and

Lt. Colonel Ron Kamiely, commander

Tel-Aviv IDF Censorship bureau
Avi Landesman

Tel-Aviv IDF Censorship bureau

Our wives ... for their love and support
Gilad Mass for his guidance

Chan Kie Lee from Legend Pr~ductions

We dedicate this book to all Merkava crew members of IDF
Armor Corps who lost their lives for the security of Israel.


The Merkava Family, Names and Derivatives .... .. ...... .... .... ......... 3

The Merkava Siman 3 in Action .. ...... .... ............... .. .... ..... .... ..... 9

The Man and the Machine .... .... .. ...... .... .............. .. .... ... .. ..... .... 22

The Merkava Siman 3 in Detail .... .... .............. ... .. ... .......... .. .. .. 36

The Merkava Siman 3 in Detail-Power Pack ............ ...... ...... ... 67

Tactical Signs-No One Alike .. ........ .. ... .... .... .... .. .. ................. 69

Modeling Merkava Siman 3 Baz .... ...... .............. .. ...... ... ...... ... ... 72

DDesert Eagle productions

ISBN 0-9788844-2-6

[over Page- A formation of two Merkava Mk 3 BAZ tanks belonging to

the SUfa Battalion, 3rd Company completes maneuvers near Shifon

Mountain in the northern Golan Heights.

" . o

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.. The turret sides in the rear house many attachments. These include, from left, the laser warning sensor; two brackets for smoke cans and an add'·
tional antenna port (left photo). Other attachments, in right photo, are a spare track link, crosswind sensor mast, jerry can support, antenna moun:
and another warning sensor.

.. The fitting of identical launchers to the right and left sides of the turret is different for each side. The left launcher (right) connects to the brae. .­
on the upper side and "hangs" from the bracket while the right launcher (left) fits the bracket's lower side and "sits" on the bracket. Both launchc

tilt outward from the tank's center line.

... - I, ) '/;e~';s of the six-round smoke grenade launcher show it in the open position. While the one in the left picture is expose its internal details, th ~

: -" :: ~ ~; -: 5 0 _ 1'!5 the cover folded to the side, exposing the six grenades ready to be launched.

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:- ;:irical harnesses connect the operating box inside the turret and the launchers. Lifting hooks in the rear of each launcher
easy removal of this heavy device. A locking L-shaped handle also is found in the rear of the launcher. Since the launcher is

-::-::[11 on both sides, note how the lifting hooks are in the upper rear on one side, but in the lower rear when the launcher is
~ :!ed on the opposite side in an upside down position.

Locking handle

,~-_ Electrical connection ofI
" ~ \!' _~ win'gj'=from ,,",'

-~ I,~~~\ f
~, .~ 2:)J~ - ~.\j
~ 0 ',


......,---.-.;~-- !~~ - ~" ''-.I

Right, lower


- -.. '''-i­


\'if:'. ~e l~r 10 2i ~ "'"- \ m nti g oracket
Turret's side

-ng shows the installation of the tank's right launcher, which connects to the bracket from its lower part.
:~ lers of these launchers are made offabric.

41 I

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11. Mix various pastels (mainly earth tones,
various browns, black and yellow) and carefully
apply them to tracks, wheels and to the lower

part of the model, and then in some way to the
overall model, to depict dust, sand and rust.

Weathering in small scale should be done as a

progressive process, where you keep adding in
small increments, and check yourself in the
process. This is when the real fun begins and
where you should apply your talent and build
your experience.

12. Apply clear or top coat to proted the
pastels and create an even tone.

13. After the clear coat is dry, dust the overall
model with some light brown and yellow pastels

to give it the dusty look and feeling of real
tanks since these vehicles spent most of their
time in the sun and in dusty conditions.

Sit back and enjoy your work.

-~--- ­

I ., " ­

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The Merkava Mk 3 Baz (Fakon), main battle tank of the IDF, is an
IsraelI-buill wonder that integrates state-of-the-art tecJmology
and innovative design. These tanks have helped keep Israel secure
for more than a decade and have seen action in the 2006 Lebanon
campaign, as well as routine security operations along Israel's borders.

Intemationally acclaimed mF annor expert It. Col. (Res.) Michael
Mass-along with his partner, Rafy Levy, the editor aIld graphic
designer, and their contri.buting editor JoAnn Sperber-brings the
Merkava Mk 3 Baz to life in his latest book. The tank, which entered
IDF service in 1990, features an advanced suspension system, more
powerful engine and transmISsion, bigger main gun, and special
armor modules.

Desert Eagle Publishing, in cooperation with Legend Productions,
is honored to bring this series to modeling aficionados and armor
enthusiasts who will revel in a treasure trove of more thall 100
one-of-a-kind photographs and detailed technical drawings of the
Merkava Mk 3 Baz.

This book, like its criticaUy acclaimed predecessor, is using an exten­
sive collection of never-before-seen photographs that takes readers
into the Merkava Mk 3 Baz for a close look at everything from tracks
to turret.

The book also contains a section on modeling, detailing, painting
and weathering for Legend Productions' Merkava Mk 3 Baz kit.

Reviews of Michael Mass's first book on the Magach 6B GAL:

'~s a one-book source on the basic vehicle, the book is top class.
Adding the modeling feature ices the cake with all a modeler
needs. "

"This series should be welcomed by IDF fans, as well as those
interested in modem armor ill generaL Highly recommended. "

ISBN 0-9788844-2-6

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