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The Real-Time Kernel

Second Edition

by Jean J. Labrosse

Embedded Systems
Building Blocks

by Jean J. Labrosse

Second Edition

Learn the inner workings of an RTOS! This

release of MicroC/OS adds documentation for

several important new features of the latest

version of the software, including new real-

time services, floating points, and coding

conventions. It is a completely portable,

ROMable, preemptive real-time kernel.

Complete code is included for use in your own applications. Hardcover,

CD-ROM included, 606pp, ISBN 1-57820-103-9, $74.95

You get microcontroller theory and

functional code modules that can be used

to create basic embedded system func-

tions. Hands-on exercises that employ the

real-time system modules provided by the

author demonstrate the key concepts unique

to embedded systems and real-time kernels.

This second edition features a new chapter on PC Services.

Hardcover, CD-ROM included, 611pp, ISBN 0-87930-604-1, $69.95

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