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You can get the first 5 chapters free from and you will see instant

results and will want more, as I think you’ll agree it is the missing piece of the puzzle.

I look forward to speaking with you again soon, your friend and guide Andy

More on the law of attraction in A Bug Free Mind

In the Bug Free Mind Process I cover a lot of what I’ve covered here on mastering the law of

attraction. I also cover the whole of life, finding your purpose and as Buddha put so well, I show

how to create an end to suffering. Anyone who’s read it will tell you if anything I’m playing down

the benefits of reading, listening or watching the Process.

The Process comes in books, and audios for the fastest way to get it into your life as a way of

life. I suggest reading and listening to it, as I teach all the aspects of Structured Thinking for

every area of life to ensure the very best life possible.

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Then as a way of life there is nothing better than my Success Made Simple video course, where

the purpose of the course is to really change the wiring of your mind by focusing on two or three

really small bits of wisdom each week. These take 3 to 8 minutes each to watch and a few

minutes longer to think about.

The purpose is not to get to the end of this course; the purpose is to create a successful way of

life. And during the trial you’ll see how beneficial this is.

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Then the only other thing I offer is the recordings of a one-day course on designing anything you

want. I demonstrate what cannot be covered effectively in words how to design anything.

Included in that is the design for my perfect partner Alison, how to design the impossible and

make it happen, and a lot more.

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The Bug Free Mind Process in any form is available to you all the time. So it’s ready for when

you want to begin.

Whatever you do I strongly suggest you download and read the 5 free chapters as this will tell

you if you are ready to begin now or later. Click here for the 5 Free Chapters

But just so I am being completely straight with you, all wish they had begun sooner! Virtually

everyone goes through the process multiple times. As this is not just a book or audio to read

and consume like all the others.

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