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Master Se
crets of Qigong & Chi Power
Copyright 2009 SPC
-USA All Rights Reserved. Version 1.2

Qigong &
Secret trainings and techniques that until now have never been
shared with anyone other than our closest, most personal
Scientific Premium Company

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Master Se
crets of Qigong & Chi Power
Copyright 2009 SPC
-USA All Rights Reserved. Version 1.2

2 Introduction
What is
the Inner Circle?
Inner Circle
is an online community where men and women
interested in cultivating and growing their knowledge, awareness, and
understanding of
can receive detailed instructions from Masters who
have gone before them. Students rec
eive consultation and training
techniques/exercises specifically tailored to their level of progression.
Conference calls between the Master Instructors and interviews with
Instructor who have trained with the Masters along with accompanying
articles are a
vailable for review via the Inner Circle website. There,
members of the Inner Circle have access to a wealth of knowledge,
gleaned from the past successes and pitfalls of those who have gone
before them.
What is behind the Closed Door?
Closed Door
a system designed to take members who have
completed the training regimen offered in the Inner Circle to the next
level of chi ability. The Closed Door system is a much more involved
training environment, where the margin of error grows slimmer and
r the more your chi energy increases; although many want to gain
access into the Closed Door System, only a very select few, handpicked
by the Master Instructors will be invited into said community. High
moral values and a steadfast mind are needed more t
han ever when
entering chi development/cultivation at this level.
Many are called, few are chosen–

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Master Se
crets of Qigong & Chi Power
Copyright 2009 SPC
-USA All Rights Reserved. Version 1.2

35 interesting: it is what the observer expects the particle™s behavior to be
that actually determines/influences the outcomes of the results. This is
not to say that the experiment is fixed;
the men and women of the
scientific community performing this experiment (over many many
years) have done so in the most rigorous and controlled facilities.
cheating allowed!
However, the results of this experiment have been
verified and repeated by p
hysicists around the world: the observer™s
expectations of the system actual determine the outcome of the
experiment. On a microscopic level, where the actual building blocks of
the universe take place, we can influence their behavior with our minds
and e
Later in
Entangled Minds
, we find the following:
fiThis concept has been studied in hundreds of experiments with
teachers, attorneys, judges, business managers, and health care
providers. It has been repeatedly shown that expectations
ionally affect the responses of research participants,
pupils, jurors, employees, and parents.fl (pg 286).
This is to say that we actually influence the outcome of events on a
macroscopic, large scale, level as well as at the atomic level.
m-Webster online dictionary defines fipheromonefl as
follows: a chemical substance that is usually produced by an animal and
serves especially as a stimulus to other individuals of the same species
for one or more behavioral responses. We draw upon biochemi
stry and
share with members of the Inner Circle community: how chi affects the
pheromones and; what we as chi gung practitioners can do to stack the
deck in our favor.

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Master Se
crets of Qigong & Chi Power
Copyright 2009 SPC
-USA All Rights Reserved. Version 1.2

36 Pheromones
4 are picked up by the olfactory senses subconsciously.
We are generally unaw
are of the specific chemical messages an
individual sends, however; research has shown that the [pheromone]
stimulation of olfactory senses allows the pheromone to fidirectly
influence the neuroendocrinology of emotionsfl
(James V. Kohl et al; Human Pheromones: Integrating
Neuroendocrinology and Ethology: Invited Nel Review
Later in the same article, Kohl and his associates state: fithe affect of
pheromones on our emotions is linked to the effect of pheromones on the
hormones of the hypothalamic
- gonadal axis
Œan unconscious
affect.fl Please keep the reference of the fihypothalamic
- gonadal axisfl in mind. SPC made a special note r
egarding the pituitary
gland and its role in bio
-electromagnetic phenomena (chi) in the
following article: fiQigong, Electricity & The Human Bodyfl;
-47. The articl
e which provided
the specific pituitary reference can be found here: fiElectricity and
Human Consciousnessfl by Celtoslavica;
. Pheromo
nes: fiYin and Yangfl
The two male pheromones associated with having a physiological
and behavioral response in females are androstenol and androstenone.
Interesting enough, one of these pheromones attracts partners whereas
the other repels. Laboratory exp
eriments have shown fithe application of
androstenone to females led to negative descriptions of males whereas
the application of androstenol led to a description of males as being
sexually attractive,fl (Vohl et al). It would make sense, then, for men to
4 Although the c
ontent of this section is available on the Chi power Syndicate blog, members of the Inner
Circle have access to an .mp3 recording between Certified Instructor Don Brown, author of said articles, and
Master Instructor Sifu Jones; there, Members of the Inner
Circle receive additional information not contained
within the article at a greater level of detail

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Master Se
crets of Qigong & Chi Power
Copyright 2009 SPC
-USA All Rights Reserved. Version 1.2

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Master Se
crets of Qigong & Chi Power
Copyright 2009 SPC
-USA All Rights Reserved. Version 1.2

70 Psychic Energy Development & Power
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Law of Attraction & Manifestation
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Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Covert Persuasion
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