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Page 128

anything else belonging to Ellie. And the same went for David Gold.
It simpled things up. If they were on Billy Kay’s team then, according to Ari, they couldn’t be on

Ellie’s team too. But if she was being honest with herself and not still clinging to silly childish
dreams, Ellie had always known that Billy Kay wasn’t going to come through for her. ‘You’re right,
Mum. Between the two of us, we manage just fine, don’t we?’

‘Damn right we do. Now promise me you’ll get the hell out of Dodge.’
Getting the hell out had to wait until David Gold returned. In the meantime Ellie had had five

missed calls from Tess since she’d been on the phone to Ari.
‘What’s going on?’ Tess demanded, as soon as she answered the phone. ‘I got your message saying

that all personal effects and correspondence had to be sent to the hot, intense lawyer’s office. Where
are you actually staying?’

‘He’s not hot,’ Ellie cried, because talking to Ari had made it clear she needed to kill this crush,
stat. ‘He’s very, very cold and, Tess, I’m locked in his bloody flat!’

‘Really? Are you? How kinky! So, you’re staying with a Jewish lawyer of good prospects and
marriageable age who owns his own home,’ Tess practically chortled. ‘Isn’t that a full house in
Jewish bachelor bingo?’

Ellie felt as if she’d run the gamut of every dark, draining emotion in existence during her call to
Ari – she wasn’t mentally prepared to now be mercilessly teased. ‘Shut up! It’s not at all funny! I’m
not staying with him. I was brought here under false pretences and now I’m being held hostage …’

There was a noise in the background and Ellie heard Tess say, ‘It’s Ellie. She’s all shacked up
with the cute lawyer from last night. Shall I put her on speakerphone?’

There was a click, then the disembodied static of being on speakerphone and Lola saying gleefully,
‘You’re hooking up with that David guy? Haven’t we talked about getting involved with dudes that
we haven’t vetted first? Bet you any money that he’s another lame duck. Come on, what’s wrong with

‘What’s wrong with him? What’s bloody right with him?’ When he wasn’t there, infecting her brain
with his pheromones, it was easy not to want him. ‘He’s controlling, his charm is just a front, he
me and he’s got really severe OCD.’

‘Now I researched a segment on OCD and actually it’s not just about being super tidy; they have
rituals and a prescient sense of doom,’ Tess explained earnestly.

‘For fuck’s sake, who even cares?’ Lola demanded. Ellie had to agree with her.
‘You know how you take the piss because I always remember to buy milk just before we run out

and you say that’s my secret superpower? Well, he has a barely started two-litre bottle of milk a
spare one!’

‘Oh my God, what kind of freak is he?’ Lola exclaimed, and then both of them giggled and it wasn’t
even the least bit funny.

‘He’s locked me in and he keeps slamming doors in my face and he told me off for washing out my
sushi container and leaving it on the draining board, and I just can’t take any more.’ Ellie’s voice was
climbing up the upper register again and she’d been on the verge of tears so often in the last few days
that her throat ached and her eyes itched from trying to keep them at bay. ‘He only wants me here
because he thinks I’ve been running my mouth off to every newspaper in town, but at the same time he
doesn’t want me here. It’s awful.’

‘Ellie, we were only teasing,’ Tess said gently, and then Ellie heard Lola stage whisper: ‘Christ,
she’s cracking up. I’m amazed that she’s lasted this long.’

‘I’m on speakerphone, I can hear every word you’re saying,’ Ellie sniffed, then there was another

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Also by Sarra Manning

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