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Maisie lives in the Caribuean. She b wn3laypqpy because
her parents haven't got enough Mnsy b keep their

. animal hospital open. However, h W e P ~ e n d s h i ~
with a dolphin leads to a discovery which change/
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6 Advanced (3000 words)

5 Upper lntermediate (2300 words)

4 Intermediate ( 1 700 words)

3 Pre-Intermediate (1 200 words)

2 Elementary (600 words)

I Beginner (300 words)

Easystarts (200 words)

Cassette also published -
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Maisie King lives in the Bahamas, She is thirteen years
old and l ies pop music, reading and swimming. Her
mother and father are doctors. They work at the
Freeport Animal Hospital. The hospital is next to their
home - a blue house by the sea, It is very old, but it is
beautiful, and Maisie loves it, Her grandfather loves it,
too. He lives with the family.

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Teacher’s Notes

Maisie and the Dolphin
by Stephen Rabley

About Easystarts Communicative activities

Background and themes

Extra words

Easystarts are Penguin Readers written to the lowest level in the
Penguin Readers series. They are specially written originals, using
200 headwords and the simplest grammatical structures.

There are more than twenty titles to choose from across a range
of styles and subject matter. All titles are in full colour, with carefully
selected photos and/or artwork which helps to guide early learners
of English. There is one page of activities at the back of each book.

Penguin Readers Easystarts provide pleasurable reading for all
tastes at an appropriate level of difficulty.

Human and animal friendships: Maisie and Ben can communicate
with each other. Do you think humans and animals can understand
each other? Why is this important?

The important things in life: Maisie’s family almost lose their home
and living. They are tempted because they are offered a lot of
money. What do you think about this? Is it worth selling the place
which contains many happy memories? What would you do?

Greed/Selfishness: The man in the boat is not aware of things that
cause pain to others. He seems to only notice things that can
benefit him. He doesn’t notice the dolphin and sees instead
Maisie’s home (money). What do you think of this person?

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Maisie and the Dolphin is a fictional story about a young girl who
lives with her family. They run an animal hospital in the Bahamas.
At the beginning of the story Maisie and her grandfather are in a
boat. Maisie is snorkelling and sees something that looks like a
box on the seabed. She goes to tell her grandfather but at that
moment a dolphin is hit by a big boat. The boat driver sees nothing
and speeds away.

Maisie and her grandfather take the dophin back to the hospital.
The person who hit the dolphin is asking Maisie’s father if he would
like to sell their home and the hospital. He wants to build a big
hotel on the land. Maisie is very upset about this. When Ben (the
dolphin) gets better she feels she is losing her home and Ben.

She goes with her grandfather to take Ben back out to sea. Ben
swims away but soon swims back. He has a key in his mouth and
he wants Maisie to follow him. Ben takes her to the box that Maisie
saw at the beginning of the story. The key opens the box and
inside the box are many gold coins. Maisie’s story is in the local
newspaper and her family don’t have to sell their home. They build
a new hospital and stay there to live happily.

The following teacher-led activities cover the same sections of text
as the exercises at the back of the Reader.


1 Students look at the front cover of the book. Ask them the
following questions:

What do you know about dolphins? Where do they live (in
what parts of the world)?

What sport is the girl on the cover doing? What do you know
about it?

2 Look at the picture on page 1. Maisie is the girl reading a
book. What can you say about Maisie’s life from looking at
this picture?


Show students the following pictures and ask questions:

Page 5 - how are Maisie and her father feeling?

Page 12 - how is Maisie’s grandfather feeling?

Page 14 - who is Mr King speaking to? What is he saying?

Page 15 - why is Maisie’s home different?

There are some extra words, in addition to the 200 headwords,
used in Maisie and the Dolphin. They are:

beside between box bucket coin dolphin fish follow
forget gold grandfather/grandad hospital jump key
laugh line lose minute moment moon over piece
pool pop (music) rope sad sell side speak stones
thick thousands wood word

Page 12

Penguin Readers Factsheets

Student’s activities

1 Work in pairs. Look at the cover of the book. Make your own
‘Maisie and the Dolphin’ s t o r y. Who is Maisie? What happens
in the story?


Pages 1–3

1 Write the correct word in the sentences below:

wood dolphin piece hospital fish pop

(a) In hot countries you can see many beautiful ______ in the
s e a .

(b) ______ comes from trees.

(c) Maisie likes _______ music, swimming and reading.

(d) A______ is a gray animal with a long nose. It lives in the
s e a .

(e) My grandfather is very ill. He is in ______.

(f) Can I have a ______ of cake?

2 Answer the questions:

(a) What job do Maisie’s mother and father do?

(b) What is the name of Maisie’s grandfather’s boat?

(c) When do Maisie and her grandfather go out in his
b o a t ?

(d) What does Maisie see when she is swimming
u n d e r w a t e r ?

(e) When Maisie tells her grandfather about the wood, why is
he not listening?

(f) What do Maisie and her grandfather see?

Pages 4–7

1 Write the correct word in the sentences below:

moment bucket sad moon pool line

(a) I don’t like swimming in the sea. I like swimming in
_ _ _ _ _ _ s .

(b) A______ is a very short piece of time.

(c) At night you can see the ______ in the sky.

(d) Maisie’s mother puts the fish in a red ______.

(e) There is a long ______ of people by the bus stop.

(f) I am not happy. I am very ______.

2 Answer the questions:

(a) Maisie and her grandfather take the dolphin back to
the hospital. What do they see?

(b) Why does Carl Flint want to buy the King family home?

(c) How long can Mr King think about his answer?

(d) What name does Maisie give the dolphin?

(e) Why is Maisie’s mother unhappy?

Pages 8–11

1 Write the correct word in the sentences below:

rope lose speak forget thick minute beside

(a) The time is 10:00. Two ______s later it is 10:02.

(b) Maisie is sad. ‘Please don’t ______ me’, she says.

(c) Maisie sees the dolphin ______ the boat.

(d) I cannot ______ my house ______.

(e) Maisie cuts two ______ ______s and Ben swims away.

(f) ______ quietly! My grandfather doesn’t like noise.

2 Are the sentences right or wrong?:

(a) Maisie plays games and swims with Ben on Saturdays.

(b) Ben is well again. It is time for him to go home.

(c) Grandad and grandfather are the same.

(d) Maisie cuts the ropes and Ben swims away.

(e) Maisie can see the dolphin in front of the boat.

(f) Ben has a very big key in his mouth.

Pages 12–15

1 Put the sentences from the two lists together:

(a) Maisie jumps over

(b) Maisie follows Ben

(c) Under the water, she sees a piece of wood.

(d) Ben swims between two stones

(e) Maisie opens the box with the key.

(f) The box has the word ‘MONTO YA’

(i) It is a box.

(ii) to the box.

(iii) on the top.

(iv) She sees thousands of gold coins.

(v) the side of the boat.

(vi) under the water.

2 Answer the questions:

(a) What is Ben doing when Maisie’s grandad stops the boat?

(b) What does Maisie think when she see the piece of wood?

(c) What does the story in the newspaper say?

(d) Does Maisie’s father want to sell the house and the
h o s p i t a l ?

(e) What do Mr and Mrs King do with the money from the
c o i n s ?

(f) Ben jumps out of the water. What do Maisie and her
grandad do?


1 Work in pairs. Student A: you are Maisie. Your father wants to
sell your home to Carl Flint. What do you say? Student B:
You are Mr King. Why do you want to sell the house? Talk to
Maisie about it.

2 You find a box under the sea. The box has lots of gold coins
in it. Thousands of them. What do you do?

Published and distributed by Pearson Education
Factsheet written by Julie Nowell
Factsheet series developed by Louise James

© Pearson Education Limited 2002

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