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TitleLiving with Transformation: Self-Built Housing in the City of Dhaka
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Table of Contents
1 Self-Built Houses (SBH) in Dhaka City
	1.1…The Concept of Self-Built Houses
	1.2…Confused Sprawl: Abode of Self-Built Houses in Dhaka City
		1.2.1 Morphological Issues of Confused Sprawl in Dhaka City Historical Development of Confused Sprawls in Dhaka City Location of Confused Sprawls in Dhaka City Urban Façade of Confused Sprawls Compared to Other Parts of Dhaka City Street Network Inside Confused Sprawls in Dhaka City
		1.2.2 Non-morphological Issues inside Confused Sprawls in Dhaka City Demographic Information The Socio-Economic Class of the People in Self-Built Houses
2 Spontaneous Transformation as an Integral Phenomenon of Inhabitation
	2.2…Transform to Survive
		2.2.1 Housing Stress
		2.2.2 Level of Tolerance and Critical Point
		2.2.3 Tradeoff Between Action and Non-Action
		2.2.4 Decision to Move or Improve
		2.2.5 Explicit Reasons of Spontaneous Transformation Demographic Issues Economic Issues Other Issues
	2.3…Transform to Belong and to have Freedom
	2.4…Transform to Belong, and to Control
		2.4.1 Horizontal and Vertical Levels of Control
		2.4.2 The Five Levels of Control in Built Environment
		2.4.3 Habraken’s Three Orders
	2.5…Transform to Fulfill Emotional Issues
	2.6…Summary: You Are How Your House Transforms
3 Categories of Spontaneous Transformation
	3.1…General Overview of the Physical Elements of the Self-Built Houses in Dhaka City
	3.2…Construction Process in General
	3.3…The Transformers
	3.4…Search for a Prototype Self-Built House
	3.5…Categories of Spontaneous Transformation
		3.5.1 Building Level (BL) Transformation
		3.5.2 Partition Level (PL) Transformation
4 Explicit Behavioral Patterns of Spontaneous Transformation
	4.1…Major Themes
		4.1.1 Domain I: Building Regulations: Six (6) Themes VA_P: (Virtual) Internal Redesign (on Projected Upper Floors) VA_T: (Virtual) Internal Redesign HA_T: Added Space (at Frontal Setback) BT: Balcony Transformations (on Mandatory Open Space)
		4.1.2 Domain II: Habitual Practice (BL): Three (3) Themes VA_P: (Virtual) Internal Redesign, (Virtual) Subdivision, or Same Layout VA_T: (Virtual) Internal Redesign BT: Balcony Transformation
		4.1.3 Domain III: Habitual Practice (PL): Seven (7) Themes VA_P: New Layout IA: Expansion (at Owner’s Flat) IA: Subdivisions (at Tenant’s Flats)
	4.2…Minor Themes
		4.2.1 Domain I: Construction Methods and Techniques: Four (4) Themes VA_T: New Layout HA_T: Space Added or Expanded IA: Expansion, Subdivision
		4.2.2 Domain II: Tenancy Issues: One (1) Theme VA_P: Same Layout; IE: Sharing
		4.2.3 Domain III: Subtle Decisions: Three (3) Themes VA_P: New Layout; IE: Expansion, Redesign HA_T: Added Space; IE: Subdivision (at Ground Floors)
		4.3.1 Physical Patterns Exist
		4.3.2 The Transformation Categories and Subcategories have Interdependency

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