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When Nada rises in the Nadi, the Yogi gets the vision of the Lord in a trice;

they defeat all their marauding foes and enjoy drinking the nectar.

Nine virgins, sweat as ambrosia, united with Mother Kundalini on the stalk of
Mystic Lotus bud. One by one they climbed all levels to the top and became


Poorna Sakti (Perfection-Power) occupies the 21 rooms. The nine beautiful
virgins became 105 and are the cause of Lord Narayana, Brahma, five gods and
the rest. Thus, these are her expansions. (Comment: Poorna sakti is Adhi Sakti,

which is the concealed energy of Siva and Primal Energy. [Poorna = full,
perfected]. Sakti part of Siva manifests as Iccha, Jnana, and Kriya [desire or will,

knowledge and action], and pervades the chakras. Iccha or Will has two
components: pre-intentional phase and Intentional phase. Sakti's actions are
preceded by these two phases. End of Comment.)

The Primal sound Nada is the origin of all the tattvas (expansions) including

the five Mahabhutas; that is how the Sakti Damsel blossoms out and if she
chooses she could hide in the closing petals of the bud.

When you alternately allow the Ida and Pingala (left and right breaths) breaths

run past the obstruction at the sixth Adhara (Ajna Chakra), you can merge into
the cool light of the seated Sakti of lightning flashes.

Once your senses are controlled and thoughts are focused in Oneness, the
breath will subside in Jiva, wherein the Koottan (Dancer, Siva) dances, and

wherein I seek him.

I passed the breath through Susumna Channel to the accompaniment of Nada
Sound (AUM), binding the enemies who prevented access to her, found her and

held the jeweled lamp.

Mular enumerates the siddhis as mentioned above. O, what greatness it is to
become an atom within an atom! O, what it is to enter into other beings! O what
it is to be everywhere at once.

When the breath is controlled the eight siddhis are attained. When the

Kundalini fire goes up the central Nadi through the realm of Sun to that of Moon,
I get to imbibe the nectar.

The eight siddhis are obtained by yoga and all buddhis are realized. All this

will be easy, only if Tripurai (Sakti) confers her Grace. (Comment: Tripurai is the
goddess (Tripura-Sundari). She is beautiful and red in complexion.
MAHAVIDYAS. Her limbs are like those of Kamaraja (Lord of Love). She is the Will

and Desire of Siva (Sivakami). She remains in Bindu and manifests this universe.
She is three Puras or cities (Tri-Pura), meaning several triads: three Bindus--

Candra (Moon), Surya (Sun), and Vahni (Fire); three gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and
Rudra; three mantras; three saktis, Jnana, Kriya and Iccha; three feet*, white,

red and mixed, white for Pure Consciousness, Red for Supreme Individuality as

the derivative of the first, and mixed for the White and Red as inseparable

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867: In the ninth Center, your heart will reverberate to the sounds of drum; there

Paraparan is seated in an exalted position; you shall stand as the Bright Light;
the Sun will blow the conch, announcing your arrival. Comment: The ninth

center is Moon's sphere (Chandra Mandala) above all Chakras and Fire and Sun
Mandalas. Bindu, Nada, and Bija (Tribindu) are centered around there. The Yogi's
heart and Nada beat in unison. Nada is Mithuna (union) of Siva and Sakti. The

Jiva also attains closeness to Siva. End of comment.
868: The Sun and the Moon measure time; He is perfection, drenching inside in
rains of nectar of grace. When he goes beyond the realms, he meets the Lord in

his abode.
869: The effulgence arises from the navel-lotus; no one seems to know the Mantra

needed at the time of dissolution. When they know that Mantra, it is like Jiva
taking birth as the son of the Father, Lord.
870: There is nothing to gain in telling; they do not pay heed to the advice. They

are deaf-mutes. If you know to unite Kundalini with Being Finite, Vediyan (God)
will reveal himself to you.

871: The (Kundalini) Serpent swallows Kalas of the Moon. Jyoti (Fire) consumes
Kalas of the Sun. If you can dissolve the enmity between the Serpent and the
Moon and merge the kalas of the Moon with Kundalini, the Lord will never

abandon you. Comment: "Afterwards breaking through the three knots, She
(Kundalini) runs to Sahasrara and bites the Chandra (Moon) which is in the
middle of the same. Then the nectar begins to flow and wets the (other) Chandra-

Mandala in Ajna Chakra. Woodroffe, The Serpent Power, page 235. End of

872: Do not sleep until Kundalini, who swallowed the Moon, expels it. You can
fall asleep once the Moon is expelled. Your mind becomes effulgent like the Moon.
The Mystic Moon will shower its radiant Kalas on you.

873: Do not sleep until the Moon appears. Do not eat until the Moon appears. Do
not sleep until the Moon slides. Sleep when the Moon moves.

874: The Yogis who engage in constant practice take a measure of Time and
Naman (Death) and know their limits. They live for ages in this world; they
attained perfection in Chandra Yoga.

875: They move in the spheres of Sun and Moon; they know their way around the
three units of Time, Past, present, and future. That day when the Full Moon
appears, nectar appears. Times stands still until the Moon is expelled from the

serpent Kundalini.
876: The waxing six Kalas of the Sun and the waning six Kalas of the Moon

blossomed to life, ran twelve angulas, diffused its rays and fell out (of the mouth
of Serpent Kundalini.) Who would ever know this?
877: The Yogi arrives at his destination on the day of Full Moon. His Bindu (vital

fluid) and passions do not go anywhere, but remain dammed in Muladhara
Chakra. He is Pure Awareness, reciting AUM in the silence of his heart and mind.
878: The six Kalas of the Fiery Radiance (Sun) and the four Kalas of Fire,

amounting to ten Kalas and the six Kalas of Moon, amounting to sixteen Kalas in
all: This is the effulgence of the expelled Full Moon.

879: In the mixing of Bindu and Blood during intimacy, the Sun‘s Kala flourishes.
If the radiant Sun‘s Kala is deficient, there is premature ejaculation. If senses
(mind) and body stand in unison, they never let Bindu flow. Bindu = semen.

Blood = female gamete or egg. In olden days in India, genital blood of the female
was considered as the male counterpart of sperm.

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