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Jedi Temple Guara Armor


The Jedi Temple Guard were some or lhe best fighters the
Jedi Order had to orrer, sworn to protect the temple to the
end. The armor they wore was as imposing as it was effec­
tive. Temple Guard armor consists of brown armored robes a
helmet and an impassive. emotionless mask. Anonymity was
as important to a Jedi Temple Guard as combat skill. and
they were sworn to be completely impartial in the execution
of their duty. Though the records stale that all members of
the Jedi Temple Guard were slain by Darth Vader and the
50 I st Legion troops he lead, some of their battlegear sur ­
vives in private collections and lost corners of the galaxy.

The armored mask contains a helmet comlink and an in­
helmet scanner.


The armor utilized by Jedi Padawans in training was far from
functional. but it still shows up occasionally, especially in the
possession of lone students who have lost their masters. The
typical training suit features bulky, heavily padded chest.
leg, and arm pieces designed to absorb the stunning blows
of training lightsabers. Training suits also incorporate weights
in their major components so that learners can get used to
Lhe effects armor has on their mobility.

Jedi training suits were a common sight in the Jedi temple,
often accompanied by WJ 880 blinding helmets. Padawans in
Lhe early phases of their training were made to wear their suits
on a daily basis. The constant weight of the suit helped physi­
cally strengthen the Jedi-to-be. Most training suits incorpo­
rated bright colors so that Lheir purpose as a training tool was
obvious. These colors were also used to differentiate teams of
Padawans during group training.



Kav-Oann Power Armor

Unless the integrated weights are removed, a Jedi training
suit has an encumbrance of 6. Removal of these weights,
which requires an Easy (+) Mechanics check, reduces the
suit's encumbrance to 4. At the GM's discretion. training
while wearing Lhe weights might help a character develop
physical fitness or adapt to high-gravity environments.


Developed by various interests and groups in secret on Nu­
bia following the Empire's rise to prominence, Kav-Dann se­
ries power armor is named after a reptilian predator native
to that world. Though intended for sale to the Rebel Alliance.
the Imperial presence on Nubia has prevented meaningful
distribution of the experimental suit. Available at a premium
price, especially considering its clandestine status. Kav· Dann
power armor presents a highly customizable canvas for indi­
viduals involved in high-risk combat silualions.

Bulky and intimidating, Kav-Dann power armor presents a
fully sealed chassis that is impervious to most adverse environ­
ments, including open space. The suit comes equipped with
few amenities by default. The Nubian engineers who created
the Kav-Dann power armor intended for major modifications
and upgrades to be made by the buyer. which both reduces
the expense of the suit and decreases manufacturing time.

Like many other varieties of powered armor. a Kav-Dann
suil is spaceworthy and includes a full lire support suite that
can be modified for most alien physiologies. A wearer can
survive for four hours in a vacuum or unbreathable atmo­
sphere. and gains D to checks to resist the effects of ra­
diation. The helmet incorporates a long range comlink and
a basic visual package that allows the wearer to remove•
caused by to darkness. smoke, or other environmental fac­
tors that might affect vision from all Perception. Vigilance.
and Combat checks.

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Kav-Dann power armor increases the wearer's Brawn by
so long as it remains powered, though this bonus does

not increase the user's soak or wound threshold. The list­
ed encumbrance of 4 reflects the bulk of the armor when
powered. If the suit loses power for any reason. the encum­
brance increases to 12. defense is reduced to 0. and the
bonus to Brawn is lost. Donning a suit of Kav-Dann power
armor takes ten minutes, thougt1 this time can halved if the
wearer is assisted.


Referred to snidely as "bounty hunter insurance" by cynics
across the galaxy. the Koromondain half-vest is a common
variation of Lhe Mk 45 protective vest produced by Koro­
mondain PDS. Inc. The vest is designed to protect the wearer
from ambushes and sudden attacks from unexpected direc­
tions. However. its durability is such that it quickly loses its
protective qualities as it absorbs damage. Despite this draw-

back, ils low cost endears it to bounty hunters. paramilitary
forces. security firms. and anyone else short on credits.

Whenever a character wearing a Koromondain half-vest
suffers a Critical Injury. the armor suffers minor damage (or
becomes damaged by one additional step if it is already
damaged. as described on page 1 66 of the FORCE AND Des­
T1Nv Core Rulebook).


Produced by countless manufacturers throughout the gal­
axy. riot armor is a general term for light combat armor
designed for personal protection in high-intensity conflicts
Though designs vary. riot armor often includes a helmet
with an integrated face shield and padded vest and greaves
interwoven with ballistic cloth. Given its ubiquity and cus­
tomizability. riot armor remains a popular choice for anyone
interested in self-defense on a budget.


Guardian's choice of equipment goes well beyond weap­
ons and armor. and includes all manner of tools. tech­

nological devices. and droids. After all. somelimes keeping
friends alive means winning battles. but more often. it simply
means keeping the ship from crashing or the crew from run­
ning out of clean water to drink.


Despite the fact that droids cannot perceive the Force as liv­
ing beings can. some Guardians find them to be useful com­
panions. Droids, being immune to illusions of the Force. are
oftentimes more dependable than their organic counterparts.
Further. some Guardians (such as Armorers) are quite skilled
at tinkering. and can more easily repair a droid companion if
it is hurt in battle than they can a flesh-and-blood ally.


The GV/3 guardian droid, manufactured by Cybot Galactica.
is one of the most advanced security droids on the market.
Designed to resemble a four-legged canine. the GV/3 is broad
and powerful in appearance. The droid's sturdy construction
is further reinforced with plasteel plates. and integrated so­
lar panels guarantee that it rarely needs recharging.

The droid's programming emulates that of a very intelligent
beast. and it communicates with its master in a series or yips.
yelps. barks. and growls. GV/3 guardian droids come stan
dard with strong loyalty imprint software that can be keyed
to any number of subjects As long as a specific individual is
mprinted in the droid's memory, it follows that being's com­
mands and. to the best of its ability, prevents that person
'rom being injured. whether by deliberate action or by ac­
cident. Despite the GV/3's physical strength, it is capable of
being gentle and even playful. especially around children.

The GV/3 is popularly used for home security and by law
enforcement agencies. It has also been adapted to search and
rescue operations with much success. Though it is considered
a benign droid in most areas. some models have been modi­
fied by unscfUpulous individuals for criminal applications.

(*ii1r•) C.,*is0J (T1T)
Skills: Brawl 3. Perception 3, Ranged (Light) 2. Vigilance 2.
Talents: None.
Abilities: Droid (does not need to breathe. eat. or drink, and
can survive in vacuum or underwater; immune to poisons or
toxins). Loyalty Imprint (add D lo all checks made to defend
its designated master). Olfactory Sensor Suite (reduces the
difficulty of scent-based Perception checks by 1 ).
Equipment: Retractable blade incisors (Brawl; Damage 5;
Critical 3; Range [Engaged!; Ensnare 1 ). retractable light
blaster (Ranged (Light!; Damage 5; Critical 4; Range [Me­
diumJ; Stun setting).


Also referred lo as a "seeker droid" or "training remoce:
the Marksman-H by Industrial Automaton is a versatile little
droid that has found many niches. some of them unintended.
This model of droid is employed variously as a basic security
unil. a training tool. a pest controller. and even as a tiny as­
sassin. Individuals the galaxy over continue to find new and
innovative uses for this versatile droid.







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Keeping the Peace

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