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34 Institute of Information Technology, University of Dhaka


The internship program helped me to gain important knowledge on software industry,

their culture, work environment and all about software development.

Participating in weekly seminar, daily team stand up meeting with Project manager and

other team members and discussing on the threats of the projects helped me attain the

faith to develop a never give up attitude. At the same time it helped me learning the

software life cycle used in software industry and inspired me to be striver, responsible

and confident.

The internship program has increased my team work capabilities as well as respect to the

team mate’s ideas and suggestions. Team discussions like brain storming sessions helped

me identify and solve numerous problem issues which would have been impossible to

solve otherwise.

I would like to convey my thanks to IIT, DU for providing me an opportunity to gain idea

of the competitive environment in the professional field. It has certainly lifted my

software development skills in terms of design and coding. I now look forward to facing

the upcoming challenges of the world.

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