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Table of Contents
What This Book Is NOT!
What This Book IS!
Let’s Get Started

So What Can We Do?
The “Write Over” Method!
Getting That First Victory!
Fake It Till You Make It!
Picking Your Style
Playing The Numbers!
What To Say
The Human Mind!
You Are Here!
The Relational Skeleton Key
Self Hypnosis 101
See It, Then Be It!
Have a Seat
Here’s Where It Gets Really Fun!
Location, Location, Location!
So Now What?
Practice, Practice, Practice!
There’s Always Room For Improvement!
Can’t Make Anyone Do Anything!
Hypnotic Subconscious Suggestions
The Masters
Every Game Worth Playing Has Rules!
Hypno-Date 201
All Around, All The Time!
That’s What Makes All The difference!
Sending and Receiving Signals!
How’d They Do That?
Subconscious Broadcasting
Nature’s Stealth Technology
Better To Give AND Receive!
Role Reversal Strategy
Have Friend’s Who Are Hot Chicks!
Hypnotic Tantra
Tantric Techniques
The Power Of The Method
The Greatest Massage
The Big Pay-Off
Hold That Thought!
WOW, Look At That!
One Step forward - Half Step Back
	No More Mr. Nice-Guy
	What Women Want!
	Create Allies And Some Jealousy
	Sending Signals
	Hypnotic Pep Talk!
	Hypno-Date Summation
	Grace, Honesty And Good Intentions
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You feel strangely confident and completely in control. You can’t wait

for the opportunity to get there so you can introduce yourself to some

new ladies that you can spend some relaxing and enjoyable time, talking

and getting to know them, do a little dancing, and then break off from the

crowd to develop a more intimate connection. Then, get some digits and

ask her to come over to listen to your extensive c.d. collection, to view

your etchings, read some of your poetry or get a great, relaxing massage.

Wait a minute, what’s so different in how you feel about tonight? Both

you and I now know the answer to that question, don’t we? So are you

ready to proceed to the next phase? Great, let’s Do it!

No more wasted time and money on books telling you all about how you

need to bring the woman’s pulse rate to a near stand still, achieving an

almost meditative level, while her brain wave cycles slide progressively

down out of the “regular” active, fully conscious “Beta,” waking range.

Then into the vulnerable, easily seducible, “Alpha,” day-dreaming stage.

These bogus and science fiction like treatises on how to create and

observe the ultimate hypnotically approachable phase in the targeted

female of your choice are an insulting sign of absolute disrespect for

woman, as well as being pure hog-wash and total bullshit!

“Just get her into “Alpha” as soon as possible,” they claim. “But, oh,

watch out, be careful not to accidentally allow her to slip too far down the

spectrum into the overly relaxed, and near sleeping “Theta” state. Do that,

and she will be gone and totally out of it, and if she hits “Delta” before

you have made your move, then you’re shit out of luck!”

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Even if that kind of stuff worked, then it wouldn’t be ethical or moral to

use such techniques. That’s why in this book, you’ll learn how to improve

yourself and make women NATURALLY attracted to you, not tricked

into temporarily liking you with some psycho-babble-hogwash.

So just forget about all of that nonsense. It’s all a bunch of comic book

crap anyway. Just think about it for a moment and it is clear as day. Most

books on hypnotism direct you to focus all of your attention on what you

can do to the chicks, in order to manipulate and take advantage of them.

By targeting your energy on the babe of your desires, rather than learning

how to effectively focus on yourself and what you can do to improve

your own game with the ladies.

Which would you guess is more efficient and productive use of your time

and which do you think the women in your life approve of more?

Manipulating and taking advantage of them? Or improving your own

presentation of yourself to them, by subconsciously rewriting your beliefs

about yourself, increasing your confidence and comfort level around the

hotties? Exactly correct, the latter one!

That’s What Makes All The difference!

There have been certain clever individuals throughout history who have

taken the time and energy to learn how to apply these wondrous powers

to their advantage, and congratulations to you, now that you have decided

to dedicate the effort to finally become one of them!

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to you. So that you may one day walk this Earth as a true “Master’ of the

methods and honorary member of “The Brotherhood” who cared enough

about mankind, getting a nice juicy piece of woman-kind, and then

passing the truth on to others as they prove worthy to gain the knowledge

that so much blood, sweat and tears were shed to bring to you this day.

Grace, Honesty And Good Intentions

Remember to use these powers wisely and with grace, honesty and good

intentions. Never force on someone who is not interested, for whatever

reason, whether you understand it or not, whether she seemed interested

and then suddenly changed her mind, No means NO!

It is your responsibility to now carry this information out into the world

and enjoy it to it’s fullest potential. While, of course, always abiding by

the law and always making sure that any contact with another human

being is purely mutual and consensual, and never approaching any one

that is below the legal age of consent. Ignorance of the law is no excuse,

and it will be your responsibility to ensure that your actions are always

within the limits of the law, and the natural knowing of what is truly right

and truly wrong. No one else can ever be responsible for your actions, so

get on out there, practice attraction and seduction, have fun, get laid, keep

your nose clean, and always use protection!

Congratulations on graduating to the level of “Self-Hypnotic Sexual

Mastery!” Well done!

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All right guy, Class is officially dismissed! Now get the f**k out of here

and save a piece of the pie for me!

Your Humble and Friendly,

Woody O. Wilcox

Learn Love Now!

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