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TitleHow to Make Money Trading Derivatives: An Insider’s Guide
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Table of Contents
                            About the Book
About the Author
Preface to the 3rd Edition
1. The Indian Equity and Derivative Markets
	The Indian Stock Market
	The Difference between a Trader and an Investor
	Aspects of Successful Trading
2. ADX — The Anatomy of a Trend
	Technical Analysis
	Types of Trading
	The Anatomy of a Bar
	The Big Question: Is the Market Trending or Trading?
3. Technical Methods
	Oscillators (or Momentum Oscillators)
	Fibonacci Methods
	Candlestick Charting
4. Applying Technicals to Trading
	Swing Trading
	Successful Retest
	Bull and Bear Flags
	Support and Resistance Diagrams for the Swing Trader
5. Day Trading Rules and Setups
	Day Trading Setups
6. Cash and Futures Arbitrage
	Why the Cost of Carry Varies According to the Market Sentiment
	Advantages of Using Cash and Futures Arbitrage
	Possible Outcomes of the Cash Futures Arbitrage
7. Getting to Grips with Options
	Options: Some Important Concepts
	Factors That Determine the Price of an Option
	The Greeks
	Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Options
8. Strategies for Trading Options
	Vertical Spreads
	Rolling Options Up, Down and Out
9. The Covered Call: Who Says 4% Returns per Month are History
	Why Covered Call Writing Makes Sense in India
	What Kind of Returns Are We Talking About?
	How Covered Call Writing Compares with Simply Going Long
	Deciding on the Stocks to Buy and the Strikes to Write
	Follow up Strategies
	Writing Index Covered Call Options
	Advance Implementation
	Benefits of the Covered Call Strategy
	Why Don’t Many Other People Do It?
10. Derivative Strategies for Special Situations
	Writing Covered Calls Just Before Important Announcements or News
	Company Results
	Election Results
	Cabinet Committee Meetings
11. Trading Discipline
	What is Discipline?
	Qualities of a Disciplined Trader
	Traits of the Indisciplined Trader
	My Trading Manual
12. Money Management
	The Size of Your Trading Positions should be Based on the Size of Your Trading Capital
	What is Money Management?
	Position Sizing Strategies
13. Selection of Stocks and Futures
	Bottom Up Analysis
	Top Down Analysis
	Rate of Change (ROC)
	Adding a Fundamental Valuation Parameter
14. My Trading Diary — The Bubble and the Crash: February-June 2006
15. The AG Last Hour Trading Technique
	What’s So Special about the First and Last Hours of a Trading Day?
	The Context of the Market
	How to Select the Right Stocks to Trade
Appendix-1: Permitted Contract Sizes
Appendix-II: Calculating Implied Volatility
Appendix-III: Using the Peter Hoadley Options Strategy Software
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