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How to Consecrate and Use a Gazing Crystal or Magic Mirror or Crystal

Elbert Benjamine

Issued under the auspices of The Brotherhood of Light

In order that only benefic influences shall be attracted to a Magic Mirror or Crystal, before

being used as an aid to psychic unfoldment it should be consecrated by the person who

expects to use it. Otherwise influences and entities corresponding to the state of mind of the

seer at the time of each using will be attracted. The rite of consecration should be performed

at midnight of full-moon. Full-Moon is the period of high tide for the magnetic forces that

flood the brain of mankind, and at midnight of the full-moon the Moon is strongest by being

elevated, and the Sun is at the lowest point-- hence the electric element is weakest and the

magnetic, receptive, feminine powers are strongest. The rite should be begun previous to

midnight and be brought to completion about that time. This is the most potent time for

exercising any magnetic or magical power. The rite of consecration will be all the more

successful if it be prepared for by 7 days in which a strict regime of diet, continence,

frequent ablutions and regular periods of devotion are observed.

The work of consecration should be approached with the mind lifted in devotion and

aspiration to the Most High. A little before midnight the Mirror or Crystal should be placed

in front of the student. If a Mirror it should be placed in a position so that the top leans away

from the student, so that he looks into the concave surface at an oblique angle, Holding the

hands above the Mirror or Crystal he should offer a devout prayer to Deity that it may

become an instrument thru which Truth will reveal itself, that Powers of Light may permit

no evil to manifest in it, and that it may serve the cause of righteousness and human

progress. The whole mind and soul should be lifted up in the spirit of desire to cooperate

with the Divine Will. The inner aspirations of the student regarding his psychic development

should be formulated as clearly as possible and expressed in words, either audibly or

silently-- whichever is more potent to make the ideas stand out clearly. Then the student

should make slow passes over the Mirror or Crystal with his hands a few inches above it.

The magnetism flowing from the hands will impress his aspirations on the Mirror or Crystal

and aid in preventing deceptive astral entities ever becoming attached to it. After the prayer

of consecration and a few minutes spent in magnetising by passes of the hands the Mirror or

Crystal is ready for use.

Extremes of heat or cold will warp a Mirror, causing the background to cheek. The direct

rays of the Sun, or an extremely strong electric light, will destroy the sensitiveness of either

Mirror or Crystal. A Mirror or Crystal should not be handled by others than the person who

uses it regularly. If handled much by others the admixture of magnetism will cause confused

images, or those unreliable. Others may be permitted to look into it occasionally if they do

not touch. When dusty the glass surface of either Mirror or Crystal may be polished with a

woolen cloth after rinsing with soap-suds. A Crystal or Mirror should be magnetized

frequently by passes of the hands over it for five minutes at a time. Passes with the right

hand add strength and power, and are most potent when made at Sunrise on Sunday. Passes

with the left hand add sensitiveness, and are most potent at Sunrise on Monday.

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When in regular use the Crystal or Mirror is kept well magnetized by the magnetism

flowing from the eyes, and usually becomes better the longer it is used. Should a Mirror or

Crystal become contaminated it may be demagnetized by exposing to the direct rays of the

Sun for the 21 minutes just before noon. In hot weather when so demagnetizing a Mirror it

should be shaded with cheesecloth, or the backing will melt. In using either Crystal or

Mirror too much light should not be present. A subdued light is best for Crystal Gazing, and

almost complete darkness is best for Mirror Gazing. Just enough light should be present

when using the Mirror that the surface of the Mirror may be seen. Moonlight, or even

Starlight, is ample. When in use the Crystal should be placed on a stand so that it will be at a

level with the eyes in front of a plain background that will not permit images of objects to

show thru the Crystal. If the Crystal is provided with a case-- which is better-- the crystal

should be left in the case and the case inclined so that the, back of the case is higher than the

front, and the Crystal should then be somewhat below the level of the eyes. The student

should sit in an easy position with the body completely relaxed and fix his gaze and

attention on the Crystal. The specks of light reflected in the Crystal may suggest symbolic

images by their chance arrangement. Such impressions should not be discarded as mere

imagination; for probably the Subliminal Mind is as yet only capable of impressing the

external consciousness thru suggestions to the imagination based upon external Perceptions.

But later, if the development is continued, the crystal will appear to turn milky white and

whatever portion of the astral world is contacted will be Perceived by the soul-senses as if

actually in the Crystal.

In using the Magic Mirror its back should always be toward whatever light there is and the

top should be leaned away from the observer at an angle of at least 160°, to such an extent

that no image is reflected upon its surface, This proper inclination may be obtained by

moving the head or changing the inclination of the Mirror. The Seer should be seated in an

easy attitude, and relax all the muscles of his body. He should direct his gaze quietly and

steadily into the concave, or hollow, surface of the mirror and wholly focus his attention on

it. His attention should become so absorbed in the black surface of the Mirror-- which when

properly placed reflects no image of any object in the room-- that he becomes oblivious to

his body, his physical senses, and his surroundings. Gradually the magnetism will collect

from his eyes on the ovoid surface and appear as a whitish-black deep watery volume. This

is the magnetic field of the Mirror upon which the visions will appear. The Magnetic

Mirrors sold by The Brotherhood of Light are so constructed as to give as strong a magnetic

field as it is possible to obtain in a Mirror of convenient size. The images apparently form

on the surface of this magnetic plane collected from the eyes of the Seer, As a matter of

reality the magnetic effect is to inhibit the physical vision of the Seer while intensifying his

attention to the clairvoyant faculty that is apparently seen upon the surface of the Mirror is

really images of the things actually existing upon the astral plane.

The first thing usually seen either in a Crystal or Mirror, are clouds. White clouds are

favorable, affirmative and good. Black clouds are unfavorable, negative and inauspicious.

Ascending clouds are affirmative replies to questions, descending clouds are replies in the

negative. Clouds of various colors presage coming events. Each color corresponds to one of

the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and by referring to Course 6. the divinatory meaning of any

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