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TitleHistory of Early Christianity in India
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                            Socio-Political background
What form of Church did Thomas Institute?
Original Thomas Christians of Dravids
God and Trinity in Indian terms
How would you translate the concept of God and incarnation into Indian context which never had that concept defined?  Except for Dravids, there probably was no name for God.  For Dravids the word translated as Isa or Maheswara – El Elyon.  That was exactly the experience of Thomas when he said “My God”.  How would the Apostle translate the holy Trinity, Father, Spirit and the Son in Dravidian language?  Father is evidently Appan.  The Aramaic female gender Holy Spirit that gives life is best translated as Amma and Son, evidently as Makan.  And the original true Saiva Siddhantha was born.  The correlation goes much deeper.
Siva Kovils – Early Indian Christian Churches
Those of us who have been collaborating closely with the Bible Translators in Africa know the innuendos of the translation.  There are occasional traps in translation.  It can go at a tangent and the concept can be misconstrued and misinterpreted.   All the places associated with Thomas are  Saivite Temples. Those who place “Hinduism” - whatever that means - to have been in existence millions of years has it that this indicate the destruction of Temples and take over of temple sites by Christians.  One such series is elaborated in “The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple” (31).  Mylapore Shiva Temple was most probably one of the Kovils established by Thomas and was probably his seat in the Southern India.  For all probability the Saivite temples were really the original Christian Churches.  They flourished for at least three centuries when Gnostics and Brahmins took over these temples and converted them to “Hindu” temples.
Sivlinga – Form of the Formless
Om as Logos
Development of Sects and Gnostic infiltration – Enter Mani
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