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TitleHeroQuest Revised Edition Quest Book v2.3
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Table of Contents
                            Introductory Quest:  The Maze
Quest Book I:  The Gathering Storm
Quest Book II:  Kellar’s Keep
Quest Book III:  Return of the Witch Lord
Quest Book IV:  Against The Ogre Horde
Quest Book V:  The Wizards of Morcar
Quest Book VI:  The Frozen Horror
Quest Book VII:  The Mage of the Mirrors
Quest Book VIII:  The Master of Corruption
Quest Book IX:  The Lord of Dæmons
Quest Book X:  The Dark Company
Quest Book XI:  Shadows of Chaos
Quest Book XII:  Knights of Chaos
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Page 1

HeroQuest Revised Edition

Quest Books


HeroQuest Revised Edition

Quest Books


Page 2

The Maze
“This will be your final test before you set forth. Be sure to use all the skills that you have

been taught. You must attempt to find the way out of the Maze. Several monsters have
been lured into the Maze. They will try to stop you so take care. Whoever finds their way

out first will be rewarded with a purse of 100 gold crowns. This may be used to buy
equipment for the adventures to come.”

The players start the game on the spaces indicated

Wandering Monster: Orc

Introductory Quest: The Maze

Note that this does not constitute a quest for the purposes of becoming a champion.
This Quest has been included to help teach new players the basics of the game.

Introductory Quest

Page 72

“Congratulations! The Frozen Horror has been defeated.

The hordes of the Barbarian Tribes have been able to clear the
lower passes of his remaining minions. Those few that remain
are to be hunted down. Morcar’s conquest of the North have
been quashed, and the Empire is safe from an ice-shrouded doom.

“The Frozen Horror returned from death once before. It is
possible it may do so again. For now though the danger is passed.
The barbarian Tribes may need to find new champions to defend
them centuries from now. May they find champions as worthy as

“Tales are already being told in the barbarian camps of
your cunning, bravery and skill. The tribes will sing your praises
forever. In appreciation of your deeds, the Tribal Elders have
granted each of you a purse of one thousand Gold Crowns.
Morcar’s plans elsewhere continue unabated. We are sorely
pressed on many fronts. Soon your valour will be needed again, in
many dangerous tasks that yet await you.

But tonight you are to be honoured guests at a great
feast. Tales of valour will be told amongst much rejoicing. Rest
well this night my friends.”

Quest Book VI - Page 12

Page 73

Quest Book VII - Page 1 .

Quest Book VII: The Mage of the Mirrors

Chapter Eight

The Mage of the

“At last you have returned from the Nothlands. I
bear ill tidings, Our time together must be brief for your
skills are sorely needed.

“The Elven kingdom of Athelorn is in turmoil. Queen
Terrellia’s young daughter, Millandriell, has been
kidnapped. The Queen has in secret dispatched a courier to
me. It seems the kidnapper is none other than her sister,
the Archmage Sinestra.

“Sinestra has always been vain, paying more attention
to her mirrors than to sage council of the wise. It would
seem that this vanity has allowed her to become corrupted
by Morcar and his allies. She now demands the Elven
throne for herself, else the child’s life is forfeit.

“As you know, none other the Elves may freely enter
the Elven kingdom. The Elf will be sent ahead to begin
preparations for the assault on Sinestra’s Fortress.
Meanwile, the rest of you will be lead by Elven guides
through the kingdom blindfolded.

“You must rescue Millandriell, or else the Elven race
will be doomed to conflict and civil war, or else become the
pawns of Morcar. The turning of such a powerful force of
good to the cause of Chaos would undoubtedly end our cause
with alarming swiftness. You must not fail in this.”

Page 143

The Throne of Demok


ed unless

hampion figure to


ction of choice each turn.
ortal beyond the Secret Door leads to safety.

e knows the following Chaos Spells: Dominate, Mind Lock, Command,

ary Magic Item and two random Spell Scrolls.
C These Portcullises must be forced open.
D The Gargoyle is made of Obsidian and is immune to all Spells, Magic Items and Artefacts.

Wandering Monster: 2 Chaos Warriors

last, you are to come face to face with Demok. You must work together now more than
er before. Loretome has shown me that within his chambers lies an effective means of

e for you. Hurry for the time of battle is close at hand. Demok no doubt expects you
this night."

A No effect will allow figures to cross the walls of this room. The doors into it may not be open

the Gargoyle in room D is slain.
Demok, Master of the Doomguard, stands in the space marked “X”. Use the Chaos C

esent Demok, who has the following stats:
Move: 8 Attack: 6 Defend: 6 Mind: 8 Body: 8
Demok knows the following Chaos Spells: Break Mind, Conflagration, Ice Storm, Lightning Bo

Restore Chaos, Summon Dæmon, Summon Orcs, Summon Skaven, Summon Undead, Werewolfs Curse
Demok has the following Special Rules: Diagonal, Masterful Defence, Multiple Attacks (+2),
Ranged 3. Demok may take an additional A

old. The pDemok’s Throne conceals 900 G
The Chaos Sorcerer is Burlock. HB

On the Sorcerer’s Table is a Cloak of Sanctu

Quest Book XII - Page 11 .

Page 144

"My friends, you have done well. The Emperor and his
forces battled for two days while you recovered from your
ordeal. Many good Men and no few Elves and Dwarves lost
their lives that day. But the legions of Morcar fell like wheat
to the scythe.

"Morcars power I managed to counter, for the most part.
Though he would blast gaping holes in the lines of the alliance,
the Human wizards and the Elven mages both caused equal
damaged to his lines. In the end, the day was tipped in our
favour by the slightest margin, his forces unable to co-ordinate
their attack without the Doomguard to command them.

"As the field was near won, the Doomguard arrived on the
eve of the second day. Little of Morcar's forces where left for
them to command, and the Emperor’s Guardian Knights charged
at them, lest they - fully rested - sweep forward and break
what was left of our lines.

"Unaccustomed to acting on the defensive, the Doomguard
fought their best, staying two for each of their own they lost.

Quest Book XII - Page 12

In the end, one champ d, the Guardian
Knight wounded, and fighting on his knees. The Doomguard had
no t

"The alliance gave chase and Morcar disappeared once more
beyond the Sea of Claws. Once more, Morcar is vanquished. I
have no doubt that he will return again, though it may take him
another thousand years, I will be waiting him. For now though,
the remains of his army are still at large, and the land is not
yet safe. But the lion’s share of the victory is ours at last.

y u
have proven yourselves the match for Rogar and his
companions. Tonight, the Emperor is throwing a grand banquet
to celebrate the victory that has been won. You are each to be
gifted with laurels, decreeing you Heroes of the Empire, the
highest honour that can be bestowed on any.

"After all your trials, your quest to become Heroes is at
an end. Rejoice tonight, and rest tomorrow. For then, the work
of Heroes awaits you!"

ion from each side remaine

ime to finish his foe, for Morcar sounded his retreat.

"M thanks to you my friends, and my congratulations. Yo

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