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Due to competition in the e-commerce space, many sites eventually shut down after

acquiring losses. However, Snapdeal not only survived but also got successful in making

amazing profits.In India has experienced an astonishing growth in recent times and this

growth is going to increase considerably in the near future. This is the reason why General

Atlantic, a private equity firm invested Rs 550 crore in Snapdeal. At present, snapdeal is the

largest e-retailer that earns highest e-commerce traffic in India, with an 80% to 90% growth

in traffic on Snapdeal.Snapdeal is already operating from 50 cities in India and

internationally (Snapdeal has started in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives and

Singapore) and company further expecting to move the company towards a broader retail-

buying platform. With total market size of the industry Rs 46,520 crore there is lot of

opportunity for Snapdeal.

Promotion and Revenue:
Snapdeal uses advertisements on TV and radio as e-commerce is still nascent, so a lot of

people of our parent’s age still don’t know what all this is. Awareness is increasing fast

though. Snapdeal also took some social initiative. In one of these initiative they installed 15

hand pumps so that villagers wouldn't have to walk nearly two miles just to get clean water.

The villagers were so grateful for the branded pumps, that they decided to

change the name of their village, from Shiv to

Snapdeal also took the inorganic route to expand quickly. They looked for small companies

which are riding on innovations and great ideas. acquired an

online retailer of sports & fitness equipment and accessories and Grabbon a group buying

site. Company is are not only looking for e-commerce players that specialise in specific

product categories, but also relevant technology firms that can add value to their business.

It also raised money from from Bessemer Venture Partners and Nexus Venture Partners. expects to garner revenues of about Rs 600 crore in the current fiscal.

Company at present have tie up with 3,000 odd stores - from local to national and

international ones. The company plans to have 10,000 brand stores by the end of 2013 and

20,000 by December 2014. Snapdeal aims to record revenue of Rs500 crore by the year end

and increase this to Rs5,500 crore by 2015.

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