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Table of Contents
                            1. House Deliberations
2. Senate Deliberations
5. The Veto Message
6. Enactment
2.  Budget Execution Documents (BEDs) - outline agency plans and performance targets; include the physical and financial plan, monthly cash program, estimate of monthly income, and list of obligations that are not yet due and demandable; submitted at the start of the budget execution
3. Allotment and Cash Release Programming
4. Allotment Release
5. Incurring Obligations
7. Disbursement – the actual spending
BUDGET ACCOUNTABILITY - happens alongside the Budget Execution phase; DBM - monitors the efficiency of fund utilization, assesses agency performance and provides a vital basis for reforms and new policies.
	1. Performance and Target Outcomes
	2. Budget Accountability Reports (BARs) - submitted by agencies on a monthly and quarterly basis; shows how agencies used their funds and identify their corresponding physical accomplishments; include quarterly physical and financial reports of operations; quarterly income reports, a monthly statement of allotments, obligations and balances; and monthly report of disbursements.
	3. Review of Agency Performance
	5. Performance-Based Incentive System – recognize and reward good performance among government employees – to improve the efficiency of service delivery across all government institutions

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