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                            The Three Days is…
Project Objective
Team Overview
Game Play
	Time Points
Battle Flow
	Example of Play
	Skill Points
	Status Effects
	Field Effects
	Game Modes
User Interface
	Front End
	Before & After Combat
	In Combat
Narrative & Campaign
Appendix 1: Target Audience
	Core Target
	Casual Target
Appendix 2: Comparative Products
Appendix 3: Risk Analysis
Appendix 4: Playtesting Plan & Feedback
Appendix 5: Document Change Log
Appendix 6: Resources & Copyrights
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Running With Rupture The Three Days Design Document

Field Effects

Skills or scenario conditions may place global effects on a field during

Combat. Field effects, whether they hinder or aid, affect all characters on

the field, regardless of squad alignment. Effects may be related to weather,

altering terrain and Skill effectiveness (i.e., fire-based skills are weaker in

rain), or magic-based, altering character actions or stats. If triggered by a

Skill, field effects will last a specific amount of time; otherwise a field effect

will last throughout an entire battle scenario.

*See above with “field” range.

Game Modes

Campaign puts a single player in control of predetermined characters to pass

specific story-driven combat scenarios. Play will consist of a segment of

story leading into a combat scenario, followed by Battle Preparations and

Combat. From here, the three will repeat, with some dialogue occurring

during Combat. The Campaign will be strictly single-player and will

showcase scenarios with differing settings and Victory conditions. This mode

will contain five specific battle scenes. Characters within the player’s squad

will be used from one battle to the next, gaining XP and SP to increase Level

and Skills. Characters who are KO’d in a battle will be usable in successive


*See Narrative & Campaign below.

Exhibition mode allows one or two players to choose a battle scenario to

play. Players will be able to select from a list of battle fields, choose a

Victory condition, and then craft a custom squad of four, five, or seven

characters, dependant on the size of the Field. Characters chosen for a

player’s squad will be of a static level and will not be able to gain experience.

Players have a preset stock of SP to allocate to characters for combat.

v. 2.3 Copyright © 2009, DigiPen (USA) Corp. pg. 19

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