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Field Study 4 - Exploring the Curriculum

1. The Meaning of Curriculum

2. The Types of Curricula in Schools

3. The Teacher as a Curriculalist

4. The Teacher as a Knower of Curriculum

5. Approaches about School Curriculum

6. Curriculum Development: Processes and Models

7. Foundations of Curriculum Development

8. Crafting the Curriculum: The Teacher as a Designer

9 Approaches to Curriculum Design

10. Implementing the Curriculum:

The Teacher as Curriculum Implementer and Manager

11. Stakeholders in Curriculum Development

12. Curriculum Evaluation and the Teacher


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My Map

1. Visit your Alma Mater and interview an administrator on curriculum models.

2. Interview a teacher and find out how the Taba Model is applied in real life

3. Complete the staircase of the curriculum development process. Give examples
for each.

4. Prepare your portfolio.

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My Learning Activities

Activity 1

Visit the school and interview an administrator on at least one (1) curriculum model.
Accomplish the given matrix below

Curriculum Model Best Features Insights

My Personal Insights

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