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4Accessories for built-in headlights4.37
Accessories for fog- and driving lights4.28
Built-in headlights4.30-4.48Driving lights
4.03-4.27External-fitting headlights4.49-4.56Fog lights4.03-4.27, 4.29''5760'' light series
4.57-4.58''Oval 100'' light series4.59-4.66

''Oval 120'' light series4.67
Fog Lights, Driving Lights, Headlights,Work Lights and Search LightsSearch lights4.118Work lights4.02, 4.80-4.113Accessories for work lights4.114-4.117
''Module 120'' light series4.68-4.72
''Module 6213'' light series4.73-4.78

''7145'' light series
4.794.01RHT 084.01RHT 08

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Legal notes:According to FMVSS § 52 (7) [Germany], all multi-track vehicles may be equipped with one or more worklights.

Worklights must not be used when these vehicles are being driven on public roads, only when they are at a standstill, e.g. duringloading and unloading.Exceptions to this are made for vehicles used for constructing,
maintaining or cleaning the roads or for waste disposal vehicle
s, ifthe action of driving is part of a working process.
Worklights may only be switched on as long as they do not dazzle other road users.
Worklights must be able to be switched on independently of all other headlights or lights, e.g. joint circuitry with the reverse lightis not permitted. Hella provides special reversing spotlights for this purpose.There are no special approval regulations, e.g. according to ECE
or EC, since worklights may only be used when driving away fro
mpublic roads.Active safety through proper illumination!At the mounting height typical for work lighting (2.50 m), only
worklights provide sufficient illumination of the working area.

Standard vehicle lighting is nowhere near good enough!

Outstanding features of a good worklight include the
homogeneous illumination of as large an area as possible and
a soft transition at the edge.
highmounting positionIt's not only the selection of the correct type of headlight that is
decisive for the choice of optimum worklight, but its correct
positioning on the vehicle, too. Worklights shine at an angle to

the surface they are illuminating. This means that even smallchanges in the angle of inclination and the mounting height

have a great influence on the illumination of the working area.

For large-surface illumination, the higher the mounting positionthe better.
Special headlight types have been developed for this purpose:
Low-beam headlights and spotlights:
for illuminating the road in road traffic.
Fog lights:
for poor visibility conditions in road traffic.


for the illumination of a working area near the vehicle and away
from public road traffic. Working at night -no problem with the right headlights. lowmounting positionWork lightFog lightSpotlightLow beamWhy worklights?4.02RHT 084.02RHT 08

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4kE4 0004Part no.Pk.''Oval 100'' Light Series130 x 75 mm
Built-in headlights
With grommet.Light aperture: 130 x 75 mm. 1x12V55W (H7) 8GH 007 157-121
1x24V70W (H7) 8GH 007 157-241
Particularly suitable as a high-mounted headlight,
if the main headlights are covered by devices
mounted to the front.

Mounting frame, inclination adjustable by 6°.

Reflector made of plastic,

glued to non-patterned glass lens.
Black plastic mounting frame with extending
edge to protect lens.
With B4,2 x 45 mm fixing screws.
1BA 996 261-021 1H7 headlight
with oval mounting frameOval 100
With H7 light, for permanent dipped-beam.1BA 996 261-081 1H7 headlight
with angular mounting frame,
fits into mounting holes of headlights1AB/1GB 006 213-...SAE/FMVSS 1081KA 996 261-091 1H7 main-beam headlightwith oval mounting frame4.59RHT 084.59RHT 08

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lpPart no.Pk.''Oval 100'' Light Series130 x 75 mm
Recommended angle of inclination: 10° - 15°.
Reflector made of diecast aluminium,
glued to hardened glass lens.Black plastic housing with

extending edge to protect lens.

Two 4 x 40 mm fixing screws.
Distance between screws: 150 mm.
Mounting area: 142 x 92 mm.Type of protection: IP5K4K.
Built-in work lights
Oval 100 Xenon
Lens pattern for close-range illumination.Recommended angle of inclination: 10° - 15°.
Reflector made of diecast aluminium,
glued to hardened galss lens.Black plastic housing with

extending edge to protect lens.

Two 4.2 x 45 mm fixing screws.
Distance between screws: 150 mm.Mounting area: 142 x 92 mm.Type of protection: IP5K4K.
Light aperture: 130 x 75 mm.with single reflector, AMP plug connector
and 12V55W bulb1GA 996 161-351 1 2(1)x12V35W (H3) 8GH 002 090-271
2(1)x12V55W (H3) 8GH 002 090-133
2(1)x24V70W (H3) 8GH 002 090-251
Spare parts:
5DV 008 710-171 1Ballast unit, 24V
8JD 156 151-807 1Plug set (20 pcs.)
8KB 990 299-001 12000 mm long connection lead
for AMP plug connector with cap
9GH 993 984-001 1Sealing cap for AMP plug connector
Spare parts:
Xenon work lightwith single reflector and 24V ballast unit1GA 996 361-581 1Lens pattern for ground illumination.With gas discharge bulb.Light aperture: 130 x 75 mm.FF® H3 work light with double reflector, AMP plug connector
and 12V55W bulbs1GA 996 161-111 1 1x35W (D2S) 8GS 007 949-101
8JD 008 151-01110Socket for AMP plug connector
8KW 701 235-033100Blade receptacles, 6.3 mm
4.60RHT 084.60RHT 08

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4Part no.Pk.Work LightsAccessoriesfor external-fitting headlights and
work lights with M10 fixing screw.U-bracket
made of stainless steel
made of yellow chromised steelMagnet baseFor work lights with U-bracket.
Consists of:2 magnets and fixing material
8HG 004 806-001 1Magnet basefor U-bracket 9XD 130 261-001U-bracket for four-point mounting
9XD 130 261-001 59XD 990 298-001 5Universal radio remote control unit
The remote control unit isECE type tested and carries

the RF suspression symbol.
The alterning code feature excludes

interference with other remote controls.

The convient way to switch work lights
by remote control.
Maximum switching capacity: 2 x 120W.
Universal radio remote control unit,12VWith green control diode foron-off switching control.6ZN 160 705-001 16ZN 160 705-011 124V4.117RHT 084.117RHT 08

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llPart no.Pk.Hand-held searchlight
Black plastic housing, le
ns-retaining rim, handleand supporting base.

Extending lens-retaining rim protects the lens.
Glass lens without optical pattern.

Double reflector made of aluminium.
Two light sources, can be switched via switches
which are independent of each other.

Flip switch for continuous light and pistol switch in

the handle with Morse function for additional light.
Handle can be swivelled vertically by 70°. With

closable opening for plugging onto the separate
supporting base. Can be swivelled
horizontally by 360° on the supporting base.
Supporting base with 3 fixing screws.

With 12V bulbs, conversi
on to 24V is possible.
Spiral cable 3500 mm long with universal plug forcigarette lighter sockets or ISO sockets.
Type of protection: IPX6K.
Searchlights139 mm dia.
Light aperture: 139 mm dia.Range at 12V:
Continuous light 330 m,
additional light 350 m,
continuous light with additional light 480 mBlack plastic housing, lens-retaining rim,
handle and tie rod end.
Guide tube made of stainless steel.

Projecting lens-retaining rim protects the lens.

Glass lens without optical pattern.

Double reflector made of aluminium.
Flip switch in the handle switches both
bulbs simultaneously.

The searchlight can be swivelled through 360°
in the horizontal range and through 30° in the vertical range. Mounting area: 72 mm dia.
Connecting cable 330 mm long with grommet ledout of the guide tube.

Type of protection: IP5K4K.
Light aperture: 139 mm dia.Cabin-controlled searchlight
with 181 mm long guide tube
and 12V55W bulbs1H5 998 502-002 1Hand-held searchlight
9SG 998 005-002 1Handle with switch, spirally cable and plug
12V55W (H3) 8GH 002 090-133
24V70W (H3) 8GH 002 090-251
Cabin-controlled searchlight
Range at 12V: 460 m,range at 24V: 520 m.1H5 998 502-022 1with 233 mm long guide tubeand 24V70W bulbs1H5 998 502-051 1 2x12V55W (H3) 8GH 002 090-133
2x24V70W (H3) 8GH 002 090-251
8HG 998 519-002 1Supporting ba
se with fixing screwsSpare parts:
8JA 001 921-10212Plug
4.118RHT 084.118RHT 08

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