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Fully Automatic
Side Bar Filter Presses

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Filter plate shifting at
hydraulically adjustable

Single pawl

Plate linkage
with 4 chains

Fast opening for
mining applications

Fast-opening plate pack

Scraper device
combined with filter
cloth washing device

The patented
ANDRITZ scraping system
guarantees fully automatic operation,
even with very sticky fi lter cakes

ANDRITZ Side Bar Filter Press –
the Leading, Fully Automatic Press
As a result of its acquisition of R&B and
Netzsch Filtrationstechnik, ANDRITZ has
become the leading supplier worldwide of
high-quality design filter presses used in
the municipal and the industrial sectors.
ANDRITZ has supplied over 10,000 press-

es so far and thus has extensive filtration
know-how. A patented scraper device
guarantees fully automatic operation,
even with very sticky filter cakes. A move-
able cylinder stand allows fast opening
and closing of the complete plate pack.

Discharge systems

Scraping device

Cloth shaker

Tilting frames

The hydraulic unit and closure can be
moved along the side bars on rollers. This
patented and low-cost design allows fast
opening and closing of the entire plate

Fast opening fi lter press
for mining applications

Your benefi t
low residual moisture
high capture rate
low energy and polymer consumption
reliable, fully automatic operation
high operating availability
the modular design allows customer-

oriented process solutions

Fully automatic fi lter cloth
cleaning system
washing pressure up to 100 bar
effective sealing against splash water

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