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Hagley: Extensive graded reading with engineering students 217

Reading in a Foreign Language 29(2)

Appendix C

MoodleReader quiz question examples for the Cengage Foundations’ level one book “Sarah’s Surprise”

Multiple choice question type.

Sarah calls the police because _____.

Select one:

a. the man and Mrs. Hayes are married

b. she likes the police

c. the man takes food and does not give any money

d. Ji-Sung is washing dishes

Who said question type.

Who said this?

I’m going out now.

(Choices from a drop down menu) A police officer, Sarah, Ji-Sung, The man, Mrs. Hayes

True/False question type.

Mrs. Hayes’s name is Sarah.

Select one:

True False

Ordering question type.

Drag the following items into the correct order.

Mrs. Hayes goes out of the cafe.

Sarah calls the police.

Sarah shows the man to Mrs. Hayes and the police officer.

A man comes into the cafe and asks where Janet is.

Mrs. Hayes introduces Sarah to Ji-Sung.

Sarah starts to work at The Lagoon.

About the Author

Eric Hagley teaches at Muroran Institute of Technology. His research interests are in virtual

exchange, telecollaboration and extensive reading. He is the chair of the Asia Pacific Virtual

Exchange Association (APVEA) and head of the quiz quality assurance project for

MoodleReader and MReader. E-mail: [email protected]

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