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Page 342 Science of Being

and betray you to certain defeat and disillusionment. To

rely on suggestion is to rely on your fallible human mind;

to rely on Universal Life Energy is to rely on a Power to

which Mind is subservient, and which does not permit

error. A positive suggestion can be negatived by a counter

suggestion which will cut away the ground from under

you and leave you bereft of whatever results you may have

obtained. But any constructive achievement, any posi-

tive result obtained through the use of Universal Life

Energy is permanent and impregnable to the assault of any

negative, because it is sustained by the One Supreme and

Positive Power which governs All.

The regular performance morning and evening of the

Star Exercise, Relaxation and Silence, together with the

continual Contact with Universal Life Energy and Con-

centration, will comprise the basic preparatory activity

which will be poured into the channel of the new Exercise

for this week. VISUALIZATION.

VISUALIZATION is the process of so emphasizing

the particular object of your concentrated thought that

it glows richly out into a convincing semblance of reality

upon your mental vision. From a transparent and ghostly

outline it must condense into a clear, full image, distinct

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