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Amendment No. 1
Adhesives for tiles —
Definitions and
The European Standard EN 12004:2001, with the incorporation of
amendment A1:2002, has the status of a British Standard

ICS 01.040.83; 01.040.91; 83.180; 91.100.10
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BS EN 12004:2001

This British Standard, having
been prepared under the
direction of the Sector
Committee for Building and
Civil Engineering, was
published under the authority
of the Standards Committee
and comes into effect on
15 June 2001
© BSI 1 November 2002
ISBN 0 580 37678 8
yright European Committee for Standardization
vided by IHS under license with CEN
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National foreword
This British Standard is the official English language version of
EN 12004:2001, including amendment A1:2002. It supersedes
BS EN 1322:1999 which is withdrawn.
By the incorporation of amendment A1:2002, EN 12004:2001 becomes
candidate “harmonized” European Standard EN 12004:2001 which fully takes
into account the requirements of the European Commission mandate M127,
Construction adhesives, given under the EU Construction Products Directive
(89/106/EEC), and intended to lead to CE marking. The date of applicability of
EN 12004 as a “harmonized” European Standard, i.e. the date after which this
standard may be used for CE marking purposes, is subject to an announcement
in the Official Journal of the European Communities.

EN 12004:2001 is the subject of transitional arrangements agreed under the
European Commission mandate. The Member States have agreed a transition
period for the co-existence of harmonized European Standards and their
corresponding national standard(s). It is intended that this period will
comprise a nine month period, during which any required changes to national
regulations are to be made, followed by a further twelve month period, for the
implementation of CE marking. At the end of this co-existence period, the
national standard(s) will be withdrawn. In the UK, the corresponding national
standard is:

— BS 5980:1980, Specification for adhesives for use with ceramic tiles and

and based on this transition period of twenty-one months, BS 5980:1980 would
be withdrawn in March 2004.
NOTE This date is approximate. Users of this standard should contact BSI Customer Services
for confirmation of withdrawal.

The UK participation in the preparation of EN 12004:2001 was entrusted to
Technical Committee B/539, Ceramic tiles and other rigid tiling, which has the
responsibility to:

A list of organizations represented on these committees can be obtained on
request to its secretary.
The British Standards which implement international or European
publications referred to in this document may be found in the BSI Catalogue
under the section entitled “International Standards Correspondence Index”, or
by using the “Search” facility of the BSI Electronic Catalogue or of British
Standards Online.

This publication does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of a
contract. Users are responsible for its correct application.

Compliance with a British Standard does not of itself confer immunity
from legal obligations.

Summary of pages
This document comprises a front cover, an inside front cover, the EN title page,
pages 2 to 22, an inside back cover and a back cover.

The BSI copyright date displayed in this document indicates when the
document was last issued.

— aid enquirers to understand the text;
— present to the responsible European committee any enquiries on the

interpretation, or proposals for change, and keep the UK interests

— monitor related international and European developments and
promulgate them in the UK.
Amendments issued since publication

Amd. No. Date Comments

14005 1 November 2002 Addition of Annex ZA and National Annex NA

Not for ResaleIHS

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EN 12004:2001

© BSI 1 November 2002

5 Evaluation of conformity

5.1 Principle

The scheme for the evaluation of conformity includes the following tasks:

� initial tests;
� factory production control (FPC);
� registration and traceability.

NOTE Manufacturers having a Quality System complying with EN ISO 9001 or EN ISO 9002, are
assumed to meet the requirements related to Factory Production Control systems by including this
standard in their Quality System.

5.2 Conditioning of the test specimen

When the test specimen has to be conditioned following the test method, the tolerance in the time of
conditioning for all test specimens shall be as follows:

Conditioning Tolerance
24 h ±0,5 h
7 days ±3 h
14 days ±6 h
21 days ±9 h
28 days ±2 h

5.3 Initial type testing

On first evaluation of a product to the requirements of this standard, or before the beginning of sale of a new
product, appropriate initial type testing shall be carried out to confirm that the characteristics of the product
meet the requirements of this standard. Tests which have previously been performed in accordance with the
provisions of this standard (same product, same characteristic, test method, sampling procedure, etc.) may
be taken into account for the purpose of demonstrating satisfactory initial type testing.

Initial type tests shall also be carried out on existing products after any change in raw materials or
manufacturing procedures that can modify the declared values of the characteristics or application

In these cases the appropriate initial type testing to be carried out are those for the characteristics and
properties that can be affected and need confirmation; any new property or properties arising from a change
of formulation or manufacturing procedure shall be tested and the results reported.

The initial type testing shall be performed as listed in Table 4.

The results of initial type testing shall be recorded and be available for inspection.

Copyright European Committee for Standardization
Provided by IHS under license with CEN

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EN 12004:2001

© BSI 1 November 2002

Table 4 — Initial tests
Characteristic Test method Type of adhesive

Cementitious Dispersion Reaction Resin
Open time EN 1346 y y y
Slip EN 1308 (y) (y) (y)
Tensile adhesion strength EN 1348:1997 y
Early tensile adhesion strength EN 1348:1997 (y)
Shear adhesion strength EN 1324:1996 y
Shear adhesion strength EN 12003:1997 y
Transverse deformation EN 12002 (y)
Chemical resistance EN 12808-1 (y)
Wetting capability* EN 1347 (y) (y) (y)
NOTE y means “yes”
(y) means “yes, if relevant for the product”

*This characteristic can be verified even if it is not requested for product specifications.

5.4 Factory production control

A factory production control (FPC) plan shall be established and documented in a manual.

Any change in raw materials, manufacturing procedures or control plan that can affect the properties of the
product shall be recorded.

The manual shall include the FPC procedures relevant to the declared properties, as confirmed by the initial

The FPC procedures shall consist of a system for the production quality control to ensure that the product
conforms with this standard.

The production control shall consist of the following main phases:

A. Inspection and testing of raw materials;
B. Inspection and testing of production equipment and process;
C. Inspection and testing on finished products.

5.4.1 Production Raw materials

The manufacturer shall define the acceptance criteria and control procedures for incoming materials to
ensure that these are not used until it has been verified that they conform to the required specifications. Production process

The manufacturer shall identify and define the plant and production processes and ensure that the
processes are carried out under controlled conditions clearly described in procedures. The processes are
verified by means of inspections and testing documented in a plan, as frequency and values or criteria
required, both on equipment and on operations in the process.

The action to be taken when control values or criteria are not obtained shall be given.

5.4.2 Finished products

The number and size of the samples, the frequency of sampling, the tests performed and the results
obtained, shall be recorded.

The tests shall be performed at least with the frequency described in Table 5.

These records shall be available for inspection by relevant parties.

Copyright European Committee for Standardization
Provided by IHS under license with CEN

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