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Electricity boards, large scale industries, manufacturing plants, power corporations,
hydroelectricity sector are continuously in need of Electrical Engineers for their projects.
Electrical Engineers also find job prospects in design industries, production plants, natural gas
plants, petroleum as well as in steel and chemical plants.

Many premier educational and research institutions regularly absorb electrical engineers as
graduate engineer trainees and management trainees to work on research projects.

Electrical Engineers can also get job in major public sectors such as Indian Railways, Armed
forces and also in Thermal and Nuclear power Corporation Limited.

Diverse options

Electrical and electronic engineers are highly employable in a wide range of areas beyond
engineering. Aerospace and aeronautics communications, transportation, medicine,
entertainment, robotics, geosciences and remote sensing are some of the fields that electrical
engineers are likely to take up in the future. Related fields like electronics engineering, power
engineering, telecommunications engineering also provide varied career opportunities as well.

Thus, electrical engineers will continue to provide technological leadership for developments in
all fields, including computer-aided engineering, telecommunications and automatic control.
Electrical engineers are being challenged to supply technical expertise in many other fields such
as energy management, transportation systems, health care delivery, and public policymaking.

The field of electrical engineering is more about being self-motivated than having discipline. It
develops intellectual curiosity rather than competitive excellence. A career in electrical
engineering is not only exciting and challenging but also rich and satisfying.

(the author is professor and head of department of electrical and electronics engineering, Shri
Dharmasthala Manjuntheshwara College of Engineering, Dhavalagiri, Dharwad)

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Perseverance will go a long way
Uma Aswani, February 4, 2016

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