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TitleEee v Modern Control Theory [10ee55] Notes
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Modern Control Theory 10EE55

Dept. of EEE, SJBIT Page 2

UNIT - 6

Non-linear systems: Introduction, behavior of non-linear system, common physical non

linearity-saturation, friction, backlash, dead zone, relay, multi variable non-linearity.

3 Hours

UNIT - 7

Phase plane method, singular points, stability of nonlinear system, limit cycles, construction

of phase trajectories.

7 Hours

UNIT - 8

Liapunov stability criteria, Liapunov functions, direct method of Liapunov & the linear

system, Hurwitz criterion & Liapunov‟s direct method, construction of Liapunov functions

for nonlinear system by Krasvskii‟s method.

6 Hours


1. Digital control & state variable methods- M. Gopal - 2

edition, THM Hill


2. Control system Engineering- I. J. Nagarath & M. Gopal, - 3

edition, New

Age International (P) Ltd.


1. State Space Analysis of Control Systems- Katsuhiko Ogata -Prentice Hall


2. Automatic Control Systems- Benjamin C. Kuo & Farid Golnaraghi, 8

edition, John Wiley & Sons 2003.

3. Modern Control Engineering- Katsuhiko Ogata- PHI 2003

4. Control Engineering theory and practice- M. N. Bandyapadhyay PHI,


5. Modern control systems- Dorf & Bishop- Pearson education, 1998

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