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Quality assurance

Considerations for quality assurance

+82-31-730-7525 +82-31-730-7313

Notice for equipment changes

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ED-4260 PLC Trainer

1-2. Basic Components of ED-4260 PLC Trainer

1) PLC unit (GLOFA-GM4) components
1 power unit
1 CPU unit
2 input units (16 Points)
2 output units (16 Points)
1 PLC base (8 slots)

2) Demonstration system (DS-4260-1) components
1 input module (IM-4260-2)
1 output module (OM-4260-3)
1 position control module (PM-4260-4)
1 power supply module (PS-4260)
1 demonstration frame (64 I/O terminals)

3) Accessories
1 set of connecting cord ( 4)
1 AC power cord
1 RS-232C cable
2 set of 25pin connecting cable
1 training manual

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ED-4260 PLC Trainer

1-3. Option System

1) PLC unit (GLOFA-GM4) options
Analog input unit (4260-AD)
Analog output unit (4260-DA)
High speed counter unit (4260-HSC)
Position selection unit (4260-POS)
PID control unit (4260-PID)
Temperature change (thermocouple) unit (4260-TC2)

2) Demonstration system (DS-4260-1) options
A/D converter module (AD-4260-5)
D/A converter module (DA-4260-6)
Power & terminal transfer unit (PT-4260-7)
Potentiometer & meter unit (PM-4260-8)
Temperature sensor module (SU-4260-9)
Photo control circuit (PC-4260-10)
Emergency switch unit (ES-4260-11)
3 relay units (RL-4260-12)
Signal input switch unit A (AS-4260-13)
Signal input switch unit B (BS-4260-14)
Buzzer & lamp unit (BL-4260-15)
Electric distributor unit (EM-4260-16)
Rotary encoder unit (RE-4260-17)
Signal input switch unit C (PS-4260-18)
Extension In/Out unit (ED-4230-5)

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PLC Practice using ED-4260 Trainer

5. Program Practice

1) Execute GMWIN and open the Project window and the Program window.
2) Create a program using PLC I/O MAP.
3) Refer to the previous task concerning or PLC self-teaching guide for any b
programming help.


Variable Name

Allocation Comment

Input PB_SWITCH %IX0.0.0
Push Switch


Output LAMP %QW0.2.0 LAMP L-1

6. With the best use of monitoring and simulation, make a trial run to
verify whether the program really works.

(If the program does not work, then keep modifying it till completion.)

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