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By Richard Dotts

Chapter 1 - Welcoming Easy Change Into Your Life

Chapter 2 - Your Field of Goodness

Chapter 3 - How To Use Your Always-On Connection to the Universe

Chapter 4 - The Truth Shall Set You Free (And It's Not What You Think)

Chapter 5 - Nothing You Desire Is Ever Out Of Your League

Chapter 6 - How To Manifest Money and Abundance In Your Life

Chapter 7 - Your Universal Secretary Keeps Perfect Records

Chapter 8 - Give Up Any Need To Try To Be Abundant

Chapter 9 - Dollars Flow To You Easily

Chapter 10 - You Have Already Transformed On The Inside

© Richard Dotts 2015

1st Kindle Edition

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The very good news is that none of this work is predicated on the level of your personal belief. You may not believe that dollars can flow

to you easily, but they would still do if you put yourself in a position to receive your Universal good. You may not believe that you can turn
your financial situation around at all, but it would still change for the better if you acted in a way in accordance with these Universal Laws. You
may not believe that changes can be made in a very short time, but time is of no relevance to the Universe. Therefore, rest in the assurance that
your current level of belief plays a very small part in your manifestations. Instead, what matters the most is where you choose to place your
continued focus despite of your beliefs.

Let me explain. When I asked for some really big things in my life, I did not really believe that I could achieve them. In fact, I was

skeptical most of the time! None of my friends around me had achieved the same results I was asking for, and no one from my family or social
circle had dared to ask for similar things. As such, I was operating under the mistaken belief that those good things were not supposed to be
mine. They were out of my league! I am thankful that the Universe does not work in this manner. Despite my disbelief that I could have
whatever I wanted, physical manifestations still happened for me. All that is needed on your part is a willingness to focus upon the desired end
result and stay there long enough until things happen on the outside. That is the only work you need to do. Leave everything else to the

If we had to truly believe in something before the Universe could give it to us, many of our manifestations would still be unfulfilled. Since

most people have trouble manifesting their deepest desires, they wrongly think that it is because they do not “believe” that they can have what
they ask for. They ascribe their lack of physical manifestations to their lack of belief.

A lack of physical belief has never caused anyone’s manifestations to be withheld from them. However, if one’s lack of belief translates

into corresponding feelings of worry, disappointment, resentment or failure… then those feelings are going to be picked up by the Universe
and that is going to be what is manifested. In other words, while the lack of belief alone is not fatal to our manifestations, the corresponding
negative emotions caused by our lack of belief can actually be an impediment to our manifestations.

Once you understand this principle, you immediately free yourself from the need to do any of the “belief” work. Let’s suppose that you

want to create a reality in which dollars flow to you easily. Before you understood this principle, you might have spent lots of time visualizing
and “feeling the feelings” of dollars flowing to you easily, in the hope that such a scenario will be more “believable” to you. Or you may have
continually pictured yourself living your life with a higher level of income, until that mental picture felt “real” to you. Give up the need to make
anything “real” or “believable” to you. As we have already established, your level of belief plays a very small role in your physical
manifestations. What matters is whether you hold emotions and feelings that are in accordance with and in line with what you are asking for.

Suppose that you are asking for more abundance in your life. You are asking for a greater flow of money and dollars into your life. You

do not have to believe that it is possible for you to live this way, so take belief out of the equation. What you instead have to do is to stop
focusing on the “lack” in your current situation. This means to stop feeling those feelings of worry, fear, disappointment and blame associated
with your financial situation. This also means to stop stewing over them for most of your day. If only you’ll take this simple step of reducing
your time spent worrying, then your good comes automatically into your life whether you believe in it or not. In fact, you can believe very
strongly that you will be rich (through immense and intense visualizations) or long periods of metal conditioning… but until you let go of
those negative feelings of worry and fear, what you believe in can never come to you.

Once you achieve this level of understanding, you are instantly liberated to create ever better and greater things. Things that up till now

have seemed impossible or out of your league to you. Nothing is ever out of your league, but they can be out of the league of your feelings
and inner state. If you intend abundance and prosperity on one hand but spend your days mired in worry and fear, then you are keeping
yourself apart from what you have asked for. You are allowing yourself to manifest the exact opposite of what you have asked for.

When I first began focusing on my inner state and returning it to that natural place of love and peace, my physical reality still stayed the

same for a while. For a few weeks, my bank balance still remained the same. The more I looked at my bank balance (physical reality) on the
outside, the more I was convinced that things would not work out for me. Therefore, a part of myself was still skeptical that things would not
happen, and that it would still be the same-old results all over again. However, what was different this time was that I did not allow myself to
dwell in those feelings of disappointment or worry for long. I knew better. I knew that while my physical reality still seemed the same on the
outside, powerful changes were happening underneath on the inside. Each time I saw my bank balance or came into mental contact with it for
whatever reason, I would mentally remind myself that things were changing on the inside and that this change would soon be reflected in my
outer reality.

True enough, within the next few weeks, physical evidence began to occur for me on the outside. I began receiving checks in the mail and

business opportunities which I had not actively solicited. People and events were now coming to me and falling into my lap without my active
intervention or input. This is the Universe working its magic and bringing you the things that are in line with your inner state. If you hold that
inner state of highest love and peace such that nothing on the outside can disturb you, then soon nothing on the outside will disturb you.
Everything that you draw to yourself will bring more joy and happiness into your life. But you must make the change on the inside first.

This is why I keep harping on the need to ignore physical reality for the time being. Physical reality is not even solid. It is not everlasting

or permanent. It is merely a reflection, a mirror of our inner states. Physical reality can be changed in an instant just like this! We have been
conditioned all our lives to believe in how real everything on the outside is, not realizing that this reality can be changed at any time simply
by working with the very forces that create our Universe. Therefore, no matter how your physical situation looks like at the moment, pay no
attention to it unless it pleases you. Instead, turn your full attention to the way you feel on the inside. Do you feel good most of the time? Do
you feel at peace most of the time? Or do you worry most of the time about bad things that can happen to you? I can assure you that your inner
state mirrors your outer reality perfectly. If you have a peaceful inner state, your outer reality will be beautiful and perfect. But if you have a
tumultuous inner state, your outer reality will be equally chaotic.

When you recognize this link between the way you feel on the inside and your manifested reality on the outside, you would have

stumbled upon a very importance piece of the manifestation puzzle. Manifestations are not about trying to make something happen on the
outside. You are not trying to “attract” money, or anything good into your life as if you are a magnet. Instead, you are opening your eyes to
the abundance and the natural flow that is already there for your picking. The prosperity has been there all along, but you have not been able
to receive or enjoy it. Why is that so? You have not been able to enjoy it not because you were undeserving of all that good or because of
your sins, but because you were focused somewhere else. You were (through the power of your own thoughts and imagination) focused on a
reality where there was lack and limitation, and therefore continually perpetuating lack and limitation.

Right now, you may perceive things as being at a dead end. You may not see the light at the end of the tunnel. It seems like you’re in an

endless tunnel with no way out. But know that everything is only energy, and that the physical reality which you currently perceive as being
stuck is also made up of energy. It is held in place by energy, which is always flowing and always in motion. What you perceive as a stuck
situation is merely energy reorganizing and reforming itself into the same thing over and over again.

If I wanted to project the same image onto a movie screen for one minute, the film spool would still have to keep advancing during that

minute. What has to be done is to copy the exact same image and repeat it several times across all the frames shown during that minute. This is a
wonderful analogy because what we perceive to be “static” and unchanging on the big screen are actually new frames being repeated over-and-
over again. Our senses think we are looking at the same thing, but the underlying frames used to project that image are changing every single
moment. Strictly speaking, we are looking at a new image with every new frame, just that it is an image of the same thing over-and-over again.

This projector analogy illustrates the nature of our own thoughts and feelings. Whatever is in your inner state is whatever goes on each

frame. Whatever is projected onto the big screen is your outer, manifested reality. You just have to change the picture on the small frame to
change whatever is projected on the big screen. The problem is that over time, we have come to believe that the projected image on the big
screen is real, because it is so big and vivid! It occupies all of our attention. We’ve forgotten that the outer image can easily be changed by
simply imprinting a new image on the frame!

If you don’t like what is in your current physical reality, always remind yourself that you are dealing with an outer projection that is put in

place (and perpetuated by) your inner states. Therefore, don’t curse whatever is on the screen, make a conscious decision to change it from the
inside! Start by changing your inner state this very moment. Restore it to one of ease and peace, free from any worries, struggle or strain. Your
external circumstances will soon match up to this new mental frame that you have created.

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Just by reading this book, you would have changed and transformed on the inside. You would already feel lighter and more positive

about your financial situation than before. No matter where you were when you first started, you are on your way to recognizing even greater
good in your life. There is no limit to how good this gets. There is nothing more that you have to do. I hope I have convinced you that there
is no money out there that you have to “attract” or “manifest” into your life. All the money you need is already here for your taking. All you
need to do is just to take it and use it!

As you lay this book down and go about your daily routine, remember my words. Write them down if necessary in a way that resonates

with you and keep these reminders of truth close at hand. There will be times when physical evidence will be to the contrary, because this
physical reality is caused by your old understanding and your old residual feelings. For a short period, your physical reality will still show
signs of your old reality. But now you have a choice — Do you want to believe in this old, outdated reality as if it is the ultimate truth, or do
you want to exercise your ultimate power as a creator? If you choose the former, you will continue to perpetuate life as it has always been. But if
you choose the latter and take me up on my offer, then things will begin changing for you almost immediately. You will see signs of physical
manifestation almost immediately even if you do not deliberately look out for them. I can assure you that if you follow my instructions to the
letter and reduce your worry feelings right down to zero this very moment (which also means paying full attention to the spontaneous Universal
Goodness within you), physical manifestations HAVE TO OCCUR even if you do not move a single inch from the chair you’re currently
sitting in.

You can be sitting in your favorite chair, without having to stand or move a single step… and good things will still happen without your

active intervention. This is the part that is so difficult for our egos and for many people to get. All their lives they have been “doing”. They
have been taking credit for that “doing”. They have felt good when they were praised for good results and lousy when they were
unappreciated. This is why our ego is so addicted to recognition and to fame. The ego always wants others to think that we are the greatest.
This is why we have come to place so much emphasis on physical action.

Hopefully I have convinced you that all the physical action you can take is puny compared to what the Universe can do without your

help. This is not to discredit our role as creators, but rather, to illustrate that physical action (the hard work) was never our job in the first place.
The physical and non-physical orchestration has always been the Universe’s job, never ours. What is our job then? Our job is to decide what
we want to create using our free-will, and then to give it up to the Universe to deliver whatever we want to us in the most harmonious ways
possible. Our job is to maintain our focus on our inner states until our intentions are fulfilled in our outer reality, and then enjoy what we have
created from inside ourselves.

If you will only follow these steps I have outlined, you will find yourself in a positive, self-reinforcing cycle. You will continue to create

more and more things that please you, and your attention to those things will cause you to feel even better on the inside. You will observe
dollars flowing to you more and more freely on the outside, and this provides positive confirmation of the steps that you have adhered to on
the inside.

In a very short time, life will become so good for you and it will stay that way. You will have no need to worry about bad days or

unexpected things happening, because there is nothing “unexpected”. Everything first takes root in our consciousness (our inner world).
When something undesired happens to you, you’ll immediately know what caused it on the inside once you have developed a heightened
awareness. Even if we accidentally veer off-track, we will know how to get back on track within a very short time. We’ll be back on track again
even if something manages to throw us off for a moment or two.

When you realize this, what do you have left to fear? No external situation or person can ever have power over you again. So what if you

need to start all over again? So what if there is a perceived need to be filled right now in your life, or even several unfilled needs? All of that is
illusory and can be changed in an instant. The Universe has already met all your needs not just in a metaphorical way but in a literal manner.

When you turn your focus to the endless flow of abundance on the inside and stay there, you will find that the easy feeling of good

(dollars) flowing to you has never diminished. It has been there since the beginning, waiting for you to rediscover the fullness of it.

As you rediscover these feelings within yourself, you will experience an unlimited supply of anything you ask for — abundance, good,

money, relationships and well-being. Stop trying to ask for or attract more. Stop believing in the fact that your non-physical good can
somehow be exhausted. Stop believing that somehow, what you have asked for may not come to you. How do you add more to something
that is already infinite, or subtract something from the wholeness to make it any lesser? You can’t. Universal goodness is whole and complete,
so will the manifestation of this goodness in your life as riches, abundance and all the good things in your life experience.

There is nothing more you have to do to return to this natural state of wholeness and peace. You are already free and complete without

realizing it, but in this moment you are even more acutely aware of this truth than before.

You have effortlessly changed just by gently reading these words and trying the exercises, guided along by your intentions which you

consciously or unconsciously hold. This book was born and found its way to you as a result of your personal intentions for greater
abundance in your life. Know that even if you never read another word or try another technique again, that everything will still turn out well
for you. All has always been well. This is why your good keeps happening through you so long as you keep your highest peace. It is on this
note that I wish you peace, and from this peace, all the endless manifestations of abundance in your life. It is done!

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