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TitleDesign of Concrete Ring Type Foundation for Storage Tank
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Step-5 : Determination of Hoop Tension on concrete ring beam and reinforcement

The concrete ring beam shall be designed for hoop tension. This hoop tension will be
generated from surcharge load due to confined soil and loads on confined soil.

Load calculation:

Surcharge due to confined soil: Sursoil = 0.5 x (height of ringwall)

x soil density x Co-

efficient of earth pressure at rest (Ko)

Surcharge due to uniform load on confined soil: Surudl = (Load on confined soil) x
(height of ringwall) x Co-efficient of earth pressure at rest (Ko)

Total Hoop tension (T) = (Sursoil + Surudl) x (0.5 x centerline diameter of ring beam)

Factored Hoop Tension load can be calculated as per step-3.

Required area of Hoop reinforcement is, Ast = (Factored Hoop tension) / (0.9 x yeild
stress of rebar---fy)

The ringwall must also be designed to take care circumferential bending moments due
to the vertical load being applied eccentrically to the ringwall center line.

The ringwall should be reinforced on both faces, with vertical reinforcement (stirrups)
closest to the concrete surfaces. Not more than 50% of the hoop reinforcement should
be lapped at any one position.

Step-6 : Anchor Bolt Design:

Anchor bolt shall be checked per design criteria and Tenssion & Shear load supplied by
vendor. If wind and shear forces are not supllied by vendor, you need to calculate the
anchorage load from API 650. Anchor bolt shall be designed for ductility failure. If
required, additional reinforcement to be provided around the anchor bolt.

For a typical concrete ring beam detail click here.

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