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- Special Report -

9 Covert Hypnosis Techniques To Induce

Simple and Powerful Covert Hypnosis Techniques
To Enter Others Into A Trance Easily

Written by Orkhan Ibad

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In its structure, hallucination is very similar to process of imagination and
representation. If you would like hallucinatory father “lived” in the imagination of
your friend, instead of the word “stop” you have to deepen the light trance and
continue to exercise: the object must imagine how his father sits down, starts talking
… you can put a word of desired suggestion to hallucinatory father.

Technique 05: Inducing Trance through Psychological Shock

There are many ways to enter a person into a trance state, knocking him astray. The
confusion technique is used widely to hypnotize people. You simply create mild
confusion or shock in person’s mind. Then things start to happen.

What do knock people astray? You create some unusual behavior (something that is
not expected from you) and then invite a person to do your desired reaction as a way
to go out of confusion state.

Difference of this method from other Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP methods is that
there is no need for preliminary mirroring or synchronization of unconscious
processes of hypnotist and his subject.

Any dramatic change in current situation creates emotion (positively or negatively
stained) in the person. People enter into a trance under the effect of sudden flash of
lightning, explosion and even sudden strike of gong or a slap.

There are lots of examples of this. When a person does not know how to react in the
just changed situation, an internal “computer” in his mind freezes for a short time. In
this condition, you can give him new commands which he will immediately follow.
This is a whole process to help you achieve your final goal.

Remember: After your action there lefts only 2-4 seconds to utter your guide to
action. Also, if the person knows your voice, you should speak somehow different
from the usual tone. After all, your directive goes to subconscious mind, not to
conscious mind who is accustomed to your tone.

The method described above works in one condition - your words must be
pronounced in a natural and very confident tone.

You can experiment this technique anywhere. For example, you are in a long queue
at the store. Try to approach the seller and when the queue begins to rebel, reply very
sincerely: “Excuse me, I've just arrived ...” Then tell the salesperson what you need.
Do it confidently and it will work because of the reason I mentioned above.

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Technique 06: Inducing Trance Using Verbal Confusion

This method can be regarded as a verbal form of psychological shock technique.
Verbal confusion means accumulated behavioral pattern is interrupted with game of
words or information in a conversation which creates confusion. This leads to
heightened suggestibility that can be used to induce trance rapidly.

The only difficulty here is that you must think in advance about your brief
instructions which you are going to give your partner after creating confusion.

So, how can you make directive or induce trance after confusing thoughts? It is very
simple: make the brain (bio-computer) freeze with confusing vocabulary (not with
action as it was in the “psychological shock”) and having creating confusion, make
your suggestion within 2-4 seconds - confidently, quickly and decisively, not
allowing your subject to recover and bring his thoughts to some logical order.

Confusion is often made with giving information which is far from the current
situation or with the use of absurdities, absurdities etc.

In this state, a person is ready to grab first clear-made, easily understood message,
offered to him. This can be a direct command to do something or indirect
command to enter into deeper trance state.

It is easy in this state (frozen brain) to give a man simple and clear command, such
as: “Of course, you are more comfortable (more profitable, easier) ...”

In confusion, you must speak frankly, concentrated and seriously. Your speech
must be free. Intonation must express your confidence so the person understands
everything you say.

Technique 07: Inducing Trance Using Artificial and Non-Existent Words

Consciousness is very rational and curious.

Conscious mind tries to understand the vague and put everything on the logical
order. You can use this principle to distract it and make contact directly with
subconscious mind.

Here is how it works.

Speech has certain patterns of pronouncing sounds. When this pattern is broken, for
example, when in a speech there is some illogical, incomprehensible or meaningless

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Sure, setting for education is very effective if you want to help someone. For bad
purposes, you will have to use other techniques.

That is ok…There you go…

In a process of deepening trance, you will repeat these expressions several times:
“That is right”, “That is ok”, “There you go” etc. What does this technique mean?

Using these expressions is one of the ways to strengthen the reaction you want in
your subject. For example, if you see that your subject who is in trance makes
internal decision then you should say: “That is right”, “There you go” etc. This way,
you give him an indication to further enhance this process.

This is where magic happens. When a person enhances the inner process there
opens new opportunities for you to achieve your goals covertly. You probably
remember Derren Brown show where he shops with blank papers (instead cash).

When you analyze that video, you can notice covert hypnosis techniques he uses
which I talk in this e-book, including usage of “That is ok . . .” There is not hocus
pocus there. You can do it, too. Best of all, it does not require any special abilities.

Just learn and practice…

Closing Thoughts

As you can see inducing trance using covert hypnosis isn’t very complicated when
you use simple techniques that we’ve looked at in this report.

Now before we close out there, I do want to share with you some covert hypnosis
courses that I think you will find helpful in addition to this e-book.

Resource 01: Art of Covert Hypnosis – This is an advanced covert hypnosis course.
Art of Covert Hypnosis Course teaches how to use advanced hypnosis, NLP and
mentalism to control other people covertly.

Resource 02: Igor’s Conversational Hypnosis Course – It is the № 1 best selling
hypnosis course in the world. Igor Ledochowski teaches you how to hypnotize
anyone in a normal conversation and get advantages from them.

Resource 03: Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis – Powerful Conversational
Hypnosis Course, which contains 18+ hours of top quality covert hypnosis secrets.

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 2010 Orkhan Ibad – All Rights Reserved CovertHypnosisLessons
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This course is created by Steve Jones, experienced hypnotist who has been personally
trained by Milton Erickson.

Resource 04: Kevin Hogan’s Covert Hypnosis Training – This course helps you to
get power to control minds and change behaviors. Discover Kevin Hogan’s Covert
Hypnosis, Sales, Body Language & Persuasion Secrets.

Resource 05: Disguished Hypnosis – This is one of the strongest covert persuasion
courses on the market. It was created by Dr. Jonathan Conrad Groves. You must try
this course as it contains unique and very powerful information.

I highly recommend each of the courses above. I encourage you to look closely at any
of them as they are created by professional and respected hypnotists.

I hope you have found this report to be enjoyable and informative.

Wishing you hypnotic success in your life and career,

Orkhan Ibad

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