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Titlecompare & contrast among merger, acquisition, joint venture & strategic alliances
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Points to
& contrast

Mergers Acquisitions Joint Venture Strategic Alliances

Definition In a merger, two
companies become one,
and one of the companies
often survives while the
other disappears.

Takeovers or Acquisitions happen
when one company acquires
ownership or the controlling stake
in the other company.
Companies looking for rapid
growth opportunities often adopt
the takeover strategy.

In a joint venture, two
companies conspire to achieve
a specific goal, such as building
a third company, working on an
outside project or marketing
synergistic services. In a joint
venture, both companies
remain separate and intact.

In strategic alliances the
companies collaborate with
each other to pursue a
business activity. Here new
company is not formed.
The companies remain
independent after the
formation of the alliance

Types Types of Mergers:

Horizontal Mergers,
Vertical Mergers, &
Conglomerate Mergers.

Types of acquisitions:

Friendly acquisition,

Reverse acquisition,

Back flip acquisition, &

Hostile acquisition.

Types of Joint ventures:

co-operate with another
business in a limited and
specific way ,

separate joint venture

Business partnership or a
limited liability partnership.

Types of Strategic

Equity Strategic Alliances

Non equity Strategic

Operation & logistics

Marketing, sales & service

Global Strategic Alliances


Technology Licensing

Product Licensing &

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