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TitleCloser to God each day : 365 devotions for everyday living
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January 1: Simple, Believing Prayer
January 2: I Will Not Quit
January 3: Expect to Receive
January 4: By Your Fruit
January 5: Receive God’s Love
January 6: God Is for You
January 7: Putting Your Trust in the Right Place
January 8: The Power of Being Positive
January 9: How to Pray without Ceasing
January 10: Tell Yourself the Truth
January 11: Step Out and Take a Chance
January 12: Overcoming a Poor Self-Image
January 13: Winning the Warfare Within
January 14: Enjoying the Journey
January 15: Authority Through Prayer
January 16: All Things Work Together for Good
January 17: Freedom from Self-Pity
January 18: God’s Way Is Not Too Hard
January 19: The Root of Rejection
January 20: Change Is a Good Thing
January 21: Only Jesus
January 22: A New Day
January 23: The Habit of Prayer
January 24: Accepting the Person God Made You to Be
January 25: Hang Tough
January 26: Be Positive
January 27: Childlike Trust
January 28: The Beauty of Dependence
January 29: Prayer Produces Peace
January 30: God Has a Plan
January 31: When You Feel Stressed
February 1: What Do You Think of Yourself?
February 2: Set Your Mind and Keep It Set
February 3: Prayer Produces Rest
February 4: Believe
February 5: You Are Loved
February 6: Waiting on God
February 7: Having a Ready Mind
February 8: Combating Fear with Prayer
February 9: Rest for the Weary
February 10: It’s Your Choice
February 11: Keep On Keeping On
February 12: Prayer Produces Patience and Hope
February 13: Faith and Grace
February 14: Forgiving Others
February 15: Take Your Position
February 16: The Power of Hope
February 17: Prudence
February 18: Self-Acceptance
February 19: Run Your Race
February 20: The Power of Agreement
February 21: Courage and Obedience
February 22: The Purpose of Faith
February 23: Receive Your Forgiveness
February 24: How Long, Lord?
February 25: A Glad Heart
February 26: Victory over Stress
February 27: How Can I Change?
February 28: Be Patient
March 1: God Changes People Through Prayer
March 2: Faith and Contentment
March 3: Purchased by Jesus’ Blood
March 4: The Words You Speak
March 5: God Blesses Obedience
March 6: Healing for Damaged Emotions
March 7: Wait on the Lord
March 8: You Are the Place of Prayer
March 9: God Cares for You
March 10: Christlikeness
March 11: The Battle for the Mind
March 12: Be Still and Know God
March 13: One Step at a Time
March 14: Choosing to Persevere
March 15: How to Pray Effectively
March 16: The Simplicity of Grace
March 17: No More Guilt or Condemnation
March 18: Supernatural Favor
March 19: Tearing Down Strongholds
March 20: Jesus, Your Prince of Peace
March 21: Jesus and Emotions
March 22: Stopping the Emotional Yo-Yo
March 23: The Prayers of a Righteous Man
March 24: More and More Grace
March 25: Doorways of Pain
March 26: Different Kinds of Favor
March 27: The Sword of the Spirit
March 28: Works Versus Grace
March 29: No Pain, No Gain
March 30: God Is Unchanging
March 31: Short and Simple
April 1: Quick to Forgive
April 2: Get Plugged In
April 3: Closer to God in Prayer
April 4: The Faith Attitude
April 5: God Is Able
April 6: Walking Free
April 7: Do You Want to Get Well?
April 8: God Is Always Good
April 9: How Many Times Should I Pray?
April 10: Grace Is Not for Sale
April 11: When You Feel Discouraged
April 12: High Praises of God
April 13: Under God’s Control
April 14: Face the Truth
April 15: The Lord Is Our Rock
April 16: Believe God Hears You
April 17: Forgiving God
April 18: The Divine Enabler
April 19: God Chooses the Unlikely
April 20: Never an Excuse
April 21: Over and Above
April 22: Obey the Word
April 23: A Rock-Solid Foundation
April 24: Know God as Your Father
April 25: Decide to Go On
April 26: His Grace Is Sufficient
April 27: A Work in Progress
April 28: You Have the Power
April 29: Favored of the Lord
April 30: Grace to Be His Ambassadors
May 1: Be a Fighter
May 2: God’s Work in Your Life
May 3: No More Pretending
May 4: The Help of the Holy Spirit
May 5: The Missing Link
May 6: Receive Forgiveness and Forget Your Sin
May 7: From Faith to Faith
May 8: Be Bold
May 9: A Root of Bitterness
May 10: Let It Go
May 11: Don’t Lose Yourself
May 12: Jesus Is Your Rock
May 13: A Vital Necessity
May 14: Special Favor
May 15: At All Times
May 16: Led by the Holy Spirit to Pray
May 17: The Simplicity of Joy and Peace
May 18: Quitting Is Not an Option
May 19: Matters of the Heart
May 20: You Are Not a Failure
May 21: Keep on Walking
May 22: Pray and Fear Not
May 23: Bless, Not Curse
May 24: More Joy
May 25: Meditate on the Things of God
May 26: Be a Believing Believer
May 27: Pursuing God
May 28: Confidence in God Alone
May 29: The Prayer of Thanksgiving
May 30: Every Good Gift
May 31: Forgiveness Versus Feelings
June 1: Pass Your Tests
June 2: Celebrate Life
June 3: Catch the Foxes
June 4: Secret Prayer
June 5: A Proud Heart
June 6: True Satisfaction
June 7: God’s Good Plan
June 8: Determined to Love
June 9: Become a Now Person
June 10: Christ in You, the Hope of Glory
June 11: Life Under the New Covenant
June 12: More Than Conquerors
June 13: The Importance of Intercession
June 14: Do It Afraid
June 15: Secure in Jesus
June 16: A Prayer of Commitment
June 17: From the Pit to the Palace
June 18: Refuse to Be Bitter
June 19: A Divine Attitude Adjustment
June 20: Putting Others First
June 21: The Joy of Believing
June 22: Change Is a Process
June 23: Getting Untangled
June 24: Good Things to Come
June 25: Avoid Comparisons
June 26: Starting with Prayer
June 27: Having a Willing Heart
June 28: What Is Grace?
June 29: Change Your Thinking About Fear
June 30: Relationship, Not Rules
July 1: Waiting on the Lord
July 2: Keep Trusting God
July 3: Learn to Love Yourself
July 4: Pray About Everything and Fear Nothing
July 5: Good from Bad
July 6: The Power of Joy and Peace
July 7: When You Feel Worried
July 8: Stirred to Action
July 9: The Spirit of Adoption
July 10: Seek the One Thing
July 11: Secure Enough to Be Different
July 12: Rejoicing Every Step of the Way
July 13: Shake Off Rejection
July 14: God’s Protection
July 15: A Blameless Heart
July 16: He Won’t Let You Sink
July 17: Let the “Umpire” Make the Call
July 18: To Live Like Christ
July 19: Developing Your Potential
July 20: Keep Life Interesting
July 21: Praying Bold Prayers
July 22: God Has a Fantastic Plan for Your Life
July 23: Being Consistently Confident
July 24: Overcoming
July 25: The Power of a Renewed Heart
July 26: Looking Forward
July 27: When We Need Him the Most
July 28: God’s Timing Is the Right Timing
July 29: Fullness of Joy
July 30: Open-Book Tests
July 31: Kingdom Living
August 1: When You Feel Insecure
August 2: A Tender Conscience
August 3: His Grace Will Carry You Through
August 4: A Bigger Plan
August 5: No More Self-Doubt
August 6: The Power of Declaration
August 7: An Atmosphere of Worship
August 8: You Are Never Alone
August 9: Greatly Loved
August 10: Free from Anxiety
August 11: A Steadfast Heart
August 12: Keep Moving Forward
August 13: What Is Holding You Back?
August 14: You Have Spiritual “Power of Attorney”
August 15: Entering the Rest of God
August 16: Come as a Little Child
August 17: Faithful in the Wilderness
August 18: Love Is Patient
August 19: Prime the Pump
August 20: The Truth of God’s Word
August 21: Staying Positive
August 22: Molded into His Image
August 23: Drawing upon God’s Strength
August 24: In Times of Crisis
August 25: Accepting Who You Are on the Way to Where You’re Going
August 26: Father Knows Best
August 27: Drop it, Leave It, and Let It Go
August 28: A Merry Heart
August 29: Waiting Expectantly for God
August 30: The Truest Tests of Character
August 31: Everyday Gratitude
September 1: Doers of the Word
September 2: No More Insecurity
September 3: The Key to Conquering Frustration
September 4: Peace in Any Circumstance
September 5: Believe
September 6: Letting Go of the Ashes
September 7: Exceedingly, Abundantly Above and Beyond
September 8: Hanging Tough
September 9: Recounting God’s Victories
September 10: The Greatest Thing in the World
September 11: Focus on Potential, Not Limitations
September 12: Seeing People as God Sees Them
September 13: Priorities
September 14: Begun by Faith, Finished by Faith
September 15: The Power of “I AM”
September 16: The Servant Test
September 17: Going over the Mountain
September 18: First Things First
September 19: Conscious of God’s Love
September 20: Preparing for the Best
September 21: Free to Fly
September 22: Finding the Courage to Be Unique
September 23: Living with Purpose
September 24: The Word of God Sets You Free
September 25: God Is Never Late
September 26: Can You Laugh at Yourself?
September 27: Convincing God or Trusting God?
September 28: A Truly Fervent Prayer
September 29: God Understands You
September 30: Bridges Instead of Walls
October 1: Is It Worth It?
October 2: Love Shows Respect
October 3: No Matter Where You Go… You’re There
October 4: The True Source of Confidence
October 5: The Wisdom in Waiting Quietly
October 6: The Best Time You Can Spend
October 7: Love, Trust, and Faith
October 8: Dedicated for His Use
October 9: Balancing Work and Rest
October 10: Keep Your Heart Free
October 11: When You Feel Discouraged
October 12: Filled with the Holy Spirit
October 13: Unconditional Love
October 14: A Sacrifice of Praise
October 15: Free
October 16: The Gift of Righteousness
October 17: A Living Message in Your Heart
October 18: Awesome Containers for Power
October 19: Rejoice in Each Day
October 20: Freely You Have Received, Freely Give
October 21: Experiencing the Love of God
October 22: Pray
October 23: Confident of God’s Presence in Your Life
October 24: Taking the Pressure off Other People
October 25: Taking Care of Yourself
October 26: What God Says About You
October 27: A Heart of Obedience
October 28: The Fruit in Your Life
October 29: How to Cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit
October 30: Take Time to Listen
October 31: There Is Nothing Too Hard for God
November 1: The One Thing That Never Fails
November 2: Sometimes You Just Need to Take a Step
November 3: No Excuses
November 4: Believe and Receive from God
November 5: The Power of Rejoicing
November 6: The Mind of Christ
November 7: A Simple Faith-Filled Prayer
November 8: Get Some Rest
November 9: God’s Love Overcomes and Transforms
November 10: Receiving Your Encouragement
November 11: Letting Go of Past Mistakes
November 12: The Greatest Blessing
November 13: When You Feel Afraid
November 14: Thinking Positive Thoughts
November 15: A Life That Pleases God
November 16: Coming Boldly Before God
November 17: Don’t Settle for Average
November 18: Adapt and Adjust
November 19: God Does Not Reject You
November 20: Being God-Minded
November 21: Showing Mercy
November 22: Are You Willing to Be Trained?
November 23: It’s Not That Complicated
November 24: Standing on What You Know to Be True
November 25: The Beginning, the Middle, and the End
November 26: Living in the Now
November 27: Finding the Wisdom in Balance
November 28: New Hope for Each Day
November 29: The Importance of Treating Others Well
November 30: More Than Enough
December 1: The Most Important Time of the Day
December 2: Being God-Loves-Me-Minded
December 3: Led by the Spirit
December 4: Love Is Not Envious or Jealous
December 5: You Can Be Honest with God
December 6: Look How Far You’ve Come
December 7: Everyone Has Limitations
December 8: Speaking Love to Others
December 9: Dealing with Disappointment
December 10: Always Choose Life
December 11: A Discerning Heart
December 12: Watch and Pray
December 13: Be Usable
December 14: Developing Trust
December 15: Do Your Best and Let God Do the Rest
December 16: The Reward of Sharing Love
December 17: Understanding Your Forgiveness
December 18: Conscious of Your Righteousness
December 19: God Hears and Understands
December 20: Chosen by God
December 21: Refuse to Give Up
December 22: Letting Love Win the War
December 23: From Glory to Glory
December 24: Faith Is the Antidote
December 25: Believing the Best
December 26: Better Than Self-Confidence
December 27: Two Powerful Words for Your Life
December 28: A Grateful Attitude
December 29: Grace Versus Works
December 30: Comfortable and Confident in Prayer
December 31: Closer to God Each Day
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Page 195

July 9

The Spirit of Adoption

For [the Spirit which] you have now received [is] not a spirit of slavery to
put you once more in bondage to fear, but you have received the Spirit of
adoption [the Spirit producing sonship] in [the bliss of] which we cry,
Abba (Father)! Father!


The apostle Paul teaches us that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of adoption. The
word adoption means that we are brought into the family of God, even though
we were previously outsiders, unrelated to God in any way. We were sinners and
separated from God, but God in His great mercy redeemed us, purchased us, and
brought us close to Him once again through the blood of His own Son.

We understand adoption in the natural sense. We know that some children
without parents are adopted by people who purposely choose them and take
them as their own. What an honor to be chosen on purpose by those who want to
pour out their love on them.

This is exactly what God did for us as believers in Christ. Because of what
Jesus did for us on the cross, we are now eternally part of His family, and His
Spirit dwells in our spirit and cries out to the Father. God the Father decided
before the foundation of the world was laid that anyone who loved Christ would
be loved and accepted by Him as His child. He decided He would adopt all those
who accepted Jesus as their Savior. We become heirs of God and joint heirs with
His Son, Jesus Christ.

It is the knowledge of our family relationship to God that gives us
boldness to go before His throne and let our requests be made known.

Page 196

July 10

Seek the One Thing

One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek, inquire for, and
[insistently] require: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord [in His
presence] all the days of my life, to behold and gaze upon the beauty [the
sweet attractiveness and the delightful loveliness] of the Lord and to
meditate, consider, and inquire in His temple.

PSALM 27:4

If you knew you could only ask for one thing, what would your request be?
David said there was only one thing he sought after: to dwell in God’s presence.

Being close to God is the number one priority we should have in life.
But we can get so distracted with the events of daily life that we neglect the

most important thing—spending time with God, knowing Him, appreciating
Him, seeking His direction.

There are many empty people in the world who are trying to satisfy the voids
in their lives with a new car, a promotion, a relationship, or some other thing.
But their efforts to find complete fulfillment in those things never work, because
each of us has a God-shaped hole inside, and nothing can fill it except God

I encourage you to seek God first and put the other things in your life after
Him. If you will put Him first in everything you do, you will be blessed beyond

God is the “One Thing” who can give you great joy, peace,
satisfaction, and contentment.

Page 390


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