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Table of Contents
                            Clean Coal Technologies in Japan
Part1 Classification of CCT
	1. Classification of CCT in Coal Flow
	2. Clean Coal Technology System
	3. Appreciation of CCT in Markets
	4. CCT in Japanese Industries
	5. Environmental Technologies
	6. International Cooperation
Part2 Outline of CCT
	1. Coal Fired Power Generation Technologies
		1A. Combustion Technologies
			1A1. Pulverized Coal Fired Power Generation Technology (Ultra Super Critical Steam)
			1A2. Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Technology (CFBC)
			1A3. Internal Circulating Fluidize Bed Combustion Technology (ICFBC)
			1A4. Pressurized Internal Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Technology (PICFBC)
			1A5. Coal Partial Combustor Technology (CPC)
			1A6. Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustion Technology (PFBC)
			1A7. Advanced Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustion Technology (A-PFBC)
		1B. Gasification Technologies
			1B1. Hydrogen-from-Coal Process (HYCOL)
			1B2. Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)
			1B3. Coal Energy Application for Gas, Liquid and Electricity (EAGLE)
	2. Iron Making and General Industry Technologies
		2A. Iron Making Technologies
			2A1. The Formed-Coke making Process (FCP)
			2A2. Pulverized Coal Injection for Blast Furnace (PCI)
			2A3. Direct Iron Ore Smelting Reduction Process (DIOS)
Super Coke Oven for Productivity and Environment Enhancement 
toward the 21st Century (SCOPE21)
		2B. General Industry Technologies
			2B1. Fluidized Bed Advanced Cement Kiln System (FAKS)
			2B2. New Scrap Recycling Process (NSR)
	3. Multi-Purpose Coal Utilization Technologies
		3A. Liquefaction Technologies
			3A1. Coal Liquefaction Technology Development in Japan
			3A2. Bituminous Coal Liquefaction Technology (NEDOL)
			3A3. Brown Coal Liquefaction Technology (BCL)
			3A4. Dimethylether Production Technology (DME)
		3B. Pyrolysis Technologies
			3B1. Multi-Purpose Coal Conversion Technology (CPX)
			3B2. Coal Flash Partial Hydropyrolysis Technology
		3C. Powdering, Liquefaction, and Common Use Technologies
			3C1. Coal Cartridge System (CCS)
			3C2. Coal Slurry Production Technology
			3C3. Briquette Production Technology
			3C4. Coal and Woody Biomass Co-firing Technology
		3D. De-ashing and Reforming Technologies
			3D1. Hyper-Coal based High Efficiency Combustion Technology(Hyper Coal)
			3D2. Low-Rank Coal Upgrading Technology (UBC Process)
	4. Environmental Protection Technologies
		4A. Coal Ash Effective Use Technologies
			4A1. Coal Ash Generation Process and Application Fields
			4A2. Effective use for Cement/Concrete
			4A3.Effective use for Civil Engineering/Construction and Others
			4A4. Valuable Resources Recovery Technologies for Coal Ash
		4B. Flue Gas Treatment and Gas Cleaning Technologies
			4B1. SOx Reduction Technology
			4B2. NOx Reduction Technology
			4B3. De-SOx and De-NOx Technology
			4B4. Soot/dust Treatment Technology and Trace Elements Removal Technology
			4B5. Gas Cleaning Technology
		4C. CO2 Recovery Technologies
			4C1. Hydrogen Production by Reaction Integrated Novel Gasification Process (Hypr-RING)
			4C2. CO2 Recovery and Sequestration Technology
			4C3. CO2 Conversion Technology
			4C4. Oxy-fuel Combustion (Oxygen-firing of conventional PCF System)
	5. Basic Technologies for Advanced Coal Utilization
		5A1. Modelling and Simulation Technologies for Coal Gasification
	6. Coproduction System
		6A1. Co-generation System
		6A2. Coproduction System
Part3 Future Outlook
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