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Table of Contents
                            Christ the Healer
	Foreword to the 2000 Edition
	Foreword to the 1973 Edition
	Author's Preface
	1  To Those Needing Healing
		The Word Is the Seed
		Comprehensive Instructions
		Must Do as Farmers Do
		Three Essential Things
		Which Kind of Seed Do You Have?
		The Evidence of Things Not Seen
	2  Did Jesus Redeem Us from Our Diseases When He Atoned for Our Sins?
		Healing Taught in Old Testament Types
		Recovery of All Lost in the Fall
		Healing Not Deferred until the Millennium
		Faith Comes by Hearing
		The Type of the Brazen Serpent
		The Seven Redemptive Names of Jehovah
		He Carried Our Pains
		An Inspired Translation
		An Objection Answered
		The Cross Is a Perfect Remedy for the Whole Man
		Redemption Synonymous with Calvary
		An Important question
		Healed through Faith
		What Eminent Men Have to Say
	3  Is Healing for All?
		A Corrected Theology
		Read the Will and Know
		Who Is Authorized to Change God's Will?
		A Nation without One Feeble Person
		Calvary Meets All Man's Needs
		Christ the Expression of God's Will
		Faith Rests on More than Mere Ability
		Jesus Healed All Diseases
		Compassionate Love—Jesus' Ruling Motive
		The Wisdom of the Early Church
		The Acts of the Holy Ghost
		Christ's Present Attitude
			The Unchangeable Compassion of Jesus
			Blessings for All
			The Earnest or Complete Redemption
			Does God Use Bodily Affliction?
			Salvation All-Inclusive
	4  The Lord's Compassion
		God's Greatest Attribute Is Love
		God's Love Veiled by Modern Theology
		A Serious Challenge
		The Benevolent Heart of God Reaches All
		Instances of the Lord's Compassion
		God the Father of Mercies
		A Result of One Man's Testimony
		The Effect of Present-day Healings
		The Increasing Harvest
		A Strange Reversal of Christ's Promise
		Our High Priest
		Even Laymen May Pray for the Sick
		How Not to Grieve the Heart of Jesus
	5  How to Appropriate the Redemptive and Covenant Blessing of Bodily Healing
		Faith Is Expecting Cod to Do His Will
		The Value of God's Redemptive Names
		The Brazen Serpent—A Type of Christ
		The Second Step
			God's Promises Are Only to the Obedient
			First to the Cross for Cleansing
			Not Mere Contact, but Union
		The Third Step
			God Cannot Lie
			Symptoms May Linger
			Faith Both Rational and Safe
			When Ye Pray, Not Afterwards
		Our Faith Makes God Act
		Make Satan Listen to Your Praises
		Why Listen to the Devil?
		The Lord's Compassion—A Basis for Faith
		Present-day Results of Believing God
	6  Appropriating Faith
		The Basis of Our Faith
	7  How to Receive Healing from Christ
		"Every One That Looketh"
		The Sight of Faith
		Faith's Glorious Realities
		Why Do Some Fail to Receive Healing?
		We Must Not Be Double-Minded
		The Word of God Is Powerful
		God Has Already Given Us All Thing
		"Hold Fast That Thou Hast"
		How Faith May Be Perfected
		Why Faith Is Necessary
		What Is the Exercise of Faith?
		The Girdled Tree
	8  How to Have Your Prayers Answered
	9  The Faith That Takes
		Our "Emancipation Proclamation"
		The Six Senses
		The Right Mental Attitude
			Having before Seeing
	10  Our Confession
		What It Means
		"The High Priest of Our Confession"
		The Relation of Confession to Manifestation
		What Are We to Confess?
		Wrong Confession
		The Mind of Christ
		Hold Fast Your Confession
		Our Success Is Assured
		Confessing Christ as Lord
	11  Fullness of God's Life
The Secret of Victory
		The Life That Lives Itself
		God's Blessings Are a Part of Himself
		"According to Thy Word"
	12  God's Garden
		The Planting of the Seed
		The Possibilities in the Seed
		The Watering
		How David Watered the Seed
		God Makes the Seed Grow
		God's Time Is Now
		The Effect of Watering the Seed
	13  Why Some Fail to Receive Healing from Christ
		1. Insufficient Instruction
		2. Lack of United Prayer
		3. Community Unbelief
		4. The Traditions of Men
		5. Breaking Natural Laws
		6. Unbelief of Elder or Minister Who Prays
		7. An Evil Spirit Must Be Cast Out
		8. The Sick Person's Sin
		9. lukewarmness of the church
		10. Unwillingness to Surrender to God
		12. A Need to Seek Forgiveness
		13. Lack of Diligence
		14. Seeking Miracles, Not Healing
		15. Watching Symptoms
		16. Failure to Act on Faith
		17. Lack of Confidence
		18. Not Receiving the Holy Spirit
		19. Lack of Faith
		20. Failure to Receive God's Promises
		21. Waiting tor Healing to Believe
		22. Focus on Improvement, Not on God's Promises
	14  Paul’s Thorn
		A Clergyman's Absurd Exposition
		The Canaanites Were a Thorn to Israel
		Paul's Thorn Was an Angel of Satan
		Paul's Sufferings
		Grace for the Spiritual, Not for Physical Infirmities
		God Was with Him
		Paul Enumerates His Buffetings
		Questions Worth Considering
		The Case of the Cripple at Lystra
		Do the Sick Glory in Sickness?
		Why Paul's "Thorn"?
		Paul's Thorn Not a Hindrance to His Labor
		Paul's Preaching Stimulates Faith
		Called to Be Saints
		Paul on the Island of Melita
		An Instructive Resume
	Thirty-one Questions
		Miraculous Healing of One Leads Many to Soul Salvation—Physical Blessings Also Follow
			Cracked Knees—Painful to Walk—Now Climb Steps
			Mrs. Taylor Confirms Mrs. Long's Testimony
			Carried by Three—Came Out Alone—Was Almost Dead—Now Healed
			Healing of Nervous Break-Down Results in Salvation of Husband and Three Daughters
			Nervousness Cured—Suffered for Years
			Varicose Veins—Blood Pressure—Limbs Swollen—Trouble Gone
		Vision Restored—Friends Overwhelmed by Simple Faith
		Healed of Cancer
		Miss Lida Clark's Confirmation of Mrs. Alice Baker's Cancer Testimony
		Monster Cancer Healed
		Mrs. Killick's Testimony
		Healing of Miss Nix
		Miraculous Healing Followed by Conversion of Twenty Relatives
		Healed of Bright's Disease and Other Ailments
		Nurse Healed of Varicose Veins
		Lord Couldn't Wait! Eager to Bless His Children
		Crippled and Deformed from Infantile Paralysis—Instantly Healed
		Mute Woman Is Instantly Healed
		Woman Instantly Healed of Two Cancers—Answer to Prayer
		Remarks by F. F. Bosworth
	The Ultimate Triumph
		Healed by God's Power
		A New Future
		The Sunset Years
		Restored—The Second Wind
		Breaking Free—Overseas Ministry
		The Ultimate Triumph
Document Text Contents
Page 118


Mrs. C. Nuzum

Many lose the manifestation of healing already in operation,
by turning their attention from Christ and the Word of God to
their feelings. Before taking the step of faith for healing, get this
matter fully settled: After taking the step, you are going to see
nothing but God and what He says. From that moment doubt
should be regarded as out of the question and unreasonable. The
evidence upon which you have planted your feet is the Word of
God. To watch your feelings or symptoms would be like a
farmer digging up his seed to see if it is growing. This would kill
the seed at the root. When the true farmer gets his seed into the
ground, he says with satisfaction, "I am glad that is settled." He
believes that the seed has begun its work before he sees it grow.
Why not have the same faith in the "Imperishable Seed," the
Word of God? Believe that it is already doing its work without
waiting to see.

In receiving supernatural healing, the first thing to learn is to
cease to be anxious about the condition of the body. You have
committed it to the Lord and He has taken the responsibility for
your healing. You are to be happy and restful in the matter. You
know from His own Word that He takes the responsibility of
every case committed to Him. When receiving healing by faith,
the body and its sensations are lost sight of, and only the Lord
and His promises are in view. Before being conscious of any
physical change, faith rejoices and says, "It is written." Jesus won
His great victories by saying, "It is written," and believing what
was written. Any unfavorable feeling should be regarded as a
warning. We should not consider the body, but consider all the
more the Lord's promise and be occupied with Him. How much
better to be in communion with God and rejoicing in His
faithfulness, than to be occupied with a sick body. In this way we
have seen multitudes make great spiritual advancement. Others
have forfeited sweet communion with God by being occupied
with their feelings and symptoms.


In Mark 9:24 we read that the father seeking healing for his


Page 234


In 1958 Fred Bosworth returned from a year of meetings up
and down the mountains of Japan. In January he turned eighty-
one. His family was surprised to see him retire to his bed. When
asked what he was doing, he explained that God had shown him
that he had "finished his course," his ministry was finished, and
it was time to go Home. He said, "I sure don't want to hang
around down here!" All the children came home, for the first
time in sixteen years, and there was a great final reunion.

My father, F. F. Bosworth, had prayed, asking God to help
him glorify God in his death as he had in his life—to die without
sickness. About three weeks after he took to his bed, we were
around the bed talking, laughing, singing. Suddenly Dad looked
up; he never saw us again. He saw what was invisible to us. He
began to greet people and hug people—he was enraptured.
Every once in a while he would break off and look around
saying, "Oh, it is so beautiful."

He did this for several hours. Finally, with a smile on his
face, he put his head back and slept. We took turns sitting with
him. My wife, Stella, was sitting with him when she suddenly
realized that he had stopped breathing. There had been no
struggle, no pain, no sound, no death rattle. The psalmist had
described it correctly—God had simply removed his breath and
he was home! "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy
victory?" This is the testimony and ultimate triumph of F. F.
Bosworth and CHRIST, THE HEALER.


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