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Champions of Purity
	Motivations for Good Characters
	Sidebar: Good Alignments
	Lawful Good
		Advantages and Challenges
		Opportunities and Allies
	Neutral Good
		Advantages and Challenges
		Opportunities and Allies
	Chaotic Good
		Advantages and Challenges
		Opportunities and Allies
	Paragons of Virtue
		Good-Aligned Races
		Good-Aligned Organizations
		Good-Aligned Homelands
		Good Traits
		Sidebar: Prestige Classes for Good Characters
	Good Characters in Bad Situations
		Ethics for Adventurers
		Alignment on Golarion
		Good Characters From Bad Places
		Sidebar: Paladins and Moral Quandaries
	Heavenly Virtues
		Becoming Good
		Sidebar: A Note on Atonement
	Divine Influence
		Good Deities
	Fighting the Good Fight
		Celestial Rage Powers
		Sidebar: Take Them Alive!
	Grace and Guile
		Alchemical Discoveries
		Sidebar: Good-Hearted Scoundrels
		Rogue Talents
	Sublime Spellcraft
		Summoner Evolutions
		Witch Patrons and Hexes
		Sidebar: Spells With the Good Descriptor
		Wizard Arcane Discoveries
	Spells of the Just
		Sidebar: Utunzaji Hekima: The Preservation of Wisdom
	Tools for Good
		Weapon Special Abilities
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Page 2

The following table lists the predominant good-aligned deities found on Golarion.

Deity AL Areas of Concern Domains Subdomains' Favored Weapon

y Apsu LG Glory, good dragons, Artifice, Good, Law, Archon, Construct, Dragon, Bite or quarterstaff leadership, peace Scalyki nd', Travel Exploration, Toil, Trade
- -

Chaos, Charm, � 'A Cayden Ale, bravery, Azata, Exploration, Ferocity, CG Good, Strength, Rapier
:;::::: Cai lean freedom, wine

Love, Lust, Resolve

� Dreams, luck, stars,
Chaos, Good,

Azata, Curse, Exploration,
Desna CG Liberation, Luck, Starknife


Fate, Freedom, Revolution

� r· Erastil LG Family, farming, Animal, Community, Archon, Family, Feather, Fur, Longbow hunting, trade Good, Law, Plant Growth, Home
�,.. Honor, justice, Glory, Good, Law, Archon, Day, Heroism,

lomedae LG
rulership, valor Sun, War Honor, Light, Tactics



Chaos, Charm, Azata, Exploration, Fate,
KofusachP CG discovery, happiness, Bo staff

Good, Luck, Travel Love, Lust, Trade

� Bravery,
Community, Good,

Agathion, Family, Fate,
Kurgess NG

competition, sport
Luck, Strength,

Home, Resolve, Trade

... Travel

Devotion, hope,

Chaos, Good, Azata, Defense, Freedom,
Milani CG Healing, Liberation, Purity, Restoration, Morningstar

Protection Revolution

8 Healing, magic,
Good, Healing, Agathion, Divine, Memory,

Qi Zhong3 NG

Knowledge, Magic, Purity, Restoration, Heavy mace
Protection Resurrection

� Agathion, Day, Heroism,
Healing, honesty, Fire, Glory, Good,

Sarenrae NG

redemption, the sun Healing, Sun
Light, Restoration, Scimitar

Q Shelyn NG
Art, beauty, love, Air, Charm, Good, Agathion, Cloud, Defense,

music Luck, Protection Fate, Love, Purity

* Shizurui LG Ancestors, honor, Glory, Good, Law, Ancestors, Archon, Day, Katana the sun, swordplay Repose, Sun Heroism, Honor, Light
! To rag LG The forge, Artifice, Earth, Good, Archon, Caves, Construct, Warhammer protection, strategy Law, Protection Defense, Metal, Toil

�� Jade, the moon,
Darkness, Good,

Ancestors, Archon, Insanity,
_.J Tsukiyoi LG spirits

Law, Madness,
Moon, Night, Souls


"'WJ" Repose
' The dragon subdomain is included on page 20, along with other new subdomains that can be substituted in at your GM's discretion.

' This domain can be found in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Inner Sea World Guide.

3 See Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Dragon Empires Gazetteer for more information.

Page 18

i'teavenf y �irtue�

You accept a creed to guide your destiny toward good.

Prerequisite: You must be good.

Benefit: Select one of the following virtues. You must adhere to that virtue's creed in order to benefit from its bonus. If you

break any part of the creed, you are unable to gain the benefits from that virtue for 24 hours. Significant violations require

atonement for you to be able to benefit from this feat again.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Each time you take this feat, you must

Creed: You must always show respect to others. You must put your

own desires aside in favor of the needs of the masses. You must

be conservative in dress and in actions, and wary not to

display pride or gloat about your wealth or achievements.

Benefit: You add your Wisdom modifier on Diplomacy

checks in addition to your Charisma modifier.

Creed: You can never willingly flee combat

when others' lives are at risk. You must never

show cowardice in sight of your enemies.

Benefit: When shaken, you gain a +3 bonus on

Will saves against any effects that would worsen

your condition to frightened or panicked.

Creed: You must always seek to ensure that beings have the right to live their lives

as their own. You must put an end to slavery when you see it, and break whatever

chains hold others down, be they metaphysical or real.

Benefit: Once per day, you can reroll a Will save against a charm or compulsion

effect and gain a +2 bonus on that reroll. You must decide to use this ability

before the results are revealed. You must take the second roll, even if it is worse.

Page 19

Creed: You must refrain from contact with unclean things and keep your

thoughts unpolluted. You must not touch evil-aligned weapons or creatures.

You must practice clean eating, ingesting only properly prepared foods that

strengthen the body and mind.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on all Fortitude saving throws against disease or

poison. In addition, the onset time for any disease or poison is doubled.

always stand up for those

weaker than yourself. You must defend your

community against those that prey upon it.

Benefit: When you use the aid another

action to improve an ally's AC against attacks,

the bonus increases to +4 instead of +2 .

Creed: You must always accept an enemy's surrender.

When your enemies are defeated in battle, you must

attempt to stabilize them to the best of your ability. You

must never bring undue suffering to those who are innocent.

Benefit: When using a weapon that deals lethal damage to instead

deal nonlethal damage, you take no penalty on your attack roll.

Page 35


jummoning $oob-�ligncb illon�tcr�
Dragging creatures from their native planes to potentially die for your cause hardly seems benevolent, but some interplanar

beings deeply desire to serve in the fight against evil.


ist Level

Celest i a l dog (N G)

Celest i a l d o l p h i n (N G)

Celest i a l eag le (N G)

Celest i a l fi re beetle (N G)

Celest i a l pony (N G)

Celest i a l v iper (N G)

2nd level

Celest i a l octo p u s (N G)

Celest i a l wo l f ( N G )

Fa u n si (CG)

G r i gs' (wi thout fid d l e a b i l ity) (NG)

Pseudod ragon (N G)

3rd level

B l i n k dog (LG)

Celest i a l s h a r k (N G)

Foo dogSJ ( N G )

L a n t e r n a rchon (LG)

Lyra kien azatas' (CG)

S i lva n s h e e agath i o n s' ( N G )

4th level

Celest i a l d i re wo l f ( N G )

Celest i a l g i ant eag le ( N G )

Celest i a l pega s u s (CG)

Faer ie dragon83 ( N G )

F o o l i o n 83 ( N G )

H o u n d archon (LG)

Pix ie ( N G )

5th level

B ra l a n i azata (G C)

Celest i a l orca (N G)

Dj i n n i (CG)

U n icorn (CG)

Vu l p i n a l agath i o n 8' ( N G )

6th level

Celest i a l g i ant octo p u s (NG)

l(i r i n s3 (LG)

You can summon the a i d of creatu res d riven by the i r very nature to

destroy evi l .

Prerequisite: Good a l i g nment .

Benefit: When cast ing summon monster, you a l so ga i n access to

the l i s t of good monsters a bove. You r r ighteous determinat ion g ra nts

these summoned creatu res the D ieha rd feat . You may st i l l s ummon

crea tu res from the sta ndard l i st, but w i thou t the D ieha rd feat .

Leg ion a rc h o n si (LG)

Li l l e n d azata (LG)

Wood g ia nts' (CG)

7th level

Cel esti a l d i re s h a rk (NG)

Ce l esti a l roe ( N G )

M ova n i c devas' (N G)

S h e d u 8J ( LG)

S h i e l d a rch o n s' ( LG)

Treant ( N G )

Yo u n g b ronze dragon (LG)

8th level

C l o u d g iant (N G)

Dragon h o rses' (N G)

L a m m a s u 83 ( LG)

M o n a d i c deva8' (N G)

Yo u n g go l d d ragon (LG)

9th level

Astra l deva (N G)

Couat l (LG)

G h a e l e azata (CG)

Leo n a ! agath i o n 8' (N G )

Sto rm g iant (CG)

Tru m pet a rc h o n ( LG)

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