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s I arrived in New York City, I was amazed at the bustle of this American town.

and speak of them with small disdain. In truth they

an counterparts. Either Bismarck ~ ~ d d n ’ t last a day
e running everything with the complete support of th

forced to pay a penalty and join the Grand Order of the Freemasonic Lodge,

of the builcfing by some sort of Freemasonic bailiff.

I posted a letter to Maes, wherein I a

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casting. This 1nay be knolvn ;1s a charm, an amulet, or a
fetish; members of the Cabinet of Cups and Wands often
use the term “gimmick”, borrowed &om stage conjuring.
h Magickal Focus is a magick amplifier created by a

Sorcerer to make castmg one specific spell easier. If a Focus
is used for any other spell, its stored thaumic cnergy is dis-
charged. Creating a FOCUS is venr simple. A Focus can be
made out of any material object, preferably one that is a

ickd energy that can be infused is the numerical equivalent
of the creator’s Sorcev skill. So, as Morgan is a Great
Sorceror, the maximum amom
the rod is 8, for an Energ)i Mui

was created for,
ered L.J~ its Ene
and unaligned power.

Walking sticks are also popular, particularly with den most satisfactorily.
Prosperians, and Otto der Spieler of Manz used his mon- AFocus must be
ocle. Sorcerers who stay mostlv in their own chambers

niage must cast the spell Cveate Focuson the item, cast the
desired spell using the item, and then infuse the item with
aligned power. The Focus nil1 then have an Energy
Multiplier equal to one-fourth the Thaumic Energy put
into it, rounded down.

and is essentially recreated .with an
dedicated to the ne\\, spell. For

lie has had in his posession for sevcral months. So, step by

Also, for a focus to

(material) aligned TE.
Second, Morgan casts Rnzse the while holding

the rod. LVantmg to stav simplc, Morgan simply causes it
to drizzle into fus rain barrel. This will cost a total of 10

(elemental) altgned TE.
Fii~ally, Morgan invests the rod with an additional 8

points of Clubs dgned TE (because Raise the Storm is an
elemental spell), gving the rod an Energy Multiplier of X 2

too-bright villain make a great sho
cerer of “the key to all his Po=
~houldn’t gloat aftenwd. Villains
time of it.)

create this focus, Morg t orders’ spell books.
Diamonds TE, and then 18 points of used as a focus fo

Clubs TE. The spell the Focus is to be dedicated to must
be cast wthin one dav ofthe castmg of Crente F o c q oth-

(Rnzse the Storm in the example above) is cast, and takcs

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