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It also involves the Project Management Assignments Viz., Construction

Supervision Consultancy Assignments and Independent Engineer Assignments

for Lenders. The scope of Construction Supervision is Quality Assurance, Project

Monitoring and Contract administration with adequate control on all aspects of

the Project. Though objectives are same in the Independent Consultancy

Assignments, the Independent Consultant has lesser control on the above

aspects. The Consultant assists in Quality Assurance, Quantity Control and

Contract Administration as required under the Contract. The scope of the

Lender’s Independent Engineer is to visit the site periodically and submit a

progress report and certify the disbursements to be made to the Concessionaire,

as and when required.

CE1.3 Objective of the project

Close to 80 per cent of all the mining in India is for coal, by far the most

abundantly available fossil fuel in the country. About 75 % of all that coal is

consumed by the power industry to drive more than 50 per cent of the country's

total installed capacity.

L&T apart is its all-encompassing capability, extending from

conceptualizing to commissioning power plants. This is because of the

company's formidable in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, its

experience in executing power plant packages and its renowned integrated

project management capabilities.

To meet the nation’s need for electricity as per the end –users

requirements in the most time bound and in cost effective manner, within the

strategic policy framework set by the Government of India and thus promote

economic well being and quality of life of the people.

CE1.4 Nature of your particular work area

 As an Assistant Engineering Manager, I am responsible for

recommendation of connections for the Turbine building structure and the

detailing of the fabrication drawings. Also I am responsible for the

deliverables as per the site requirements by giving them the inputs for

procurement to the Supply Chain Management (SCM) team. This team will

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