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Brain Waves -
The Science Behind the

Amazing Power of the Mind

How to Use Alpha, Beta and Theta Brain Waves to

Master the Phenomenal Power of the Mind

Uncover the Secrets Behind How
Brainwave Frequencies Help You Achieve

Success and Abundance to be
Happy, Healthy and Wealthy

Published by:
Scott Lee 1.3

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Brain Waves – The Science Behind the Amazing Power of the Mind

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Brain Waves – The Science Behind the Amazing Power of the Mind

So, it’s much easier to clear any negative thinking, thought patterns or attitudes that you
may want to change, and to install new, desirable thinking and attitudes as part of your
personal development and growth.

In fact, that’s the basis behind self-help techniques such as subliminal messages and
hypnosis. These self-help techniques work by bypassing your conscious mind and
installing positive statements and affirmations directly into your subconscious mind.

5.3 An "Instant Zen" Experience

Researchers discovered that, during deep meditation, the presence and amplitude (a
measure of how strong your brainwaves are) of the theta brainwaves produced also
increased. The deeper the meditation, the stronger the theta brain waves.

The researchers also found out that the feeling of peacefulness, bliss and depth, the "in
touch with my higher consciousness" moment that people seek from meditation are only
achievable when theta brainwaves are dominant.

It’s through theta brain waves that people achieve their strongest spiritual connection.

Some researchers believed that it was possible to accelerate the many years that
meditators spend training their minds through meditation.

This led to the development of many self-help products and techniques. These self help
products claimed that they were able to help "short-cut" the years of meditation and
achieve the bliss, peacefulness and depth sought after in meditation (an "instant Zen
experience") as well as other health and mental benefits associated with meditation.

At the same time, with better control of the mind and its brain waves, you would be able
to handle situations much better, with the calm and composed demeanor of an
"enlightened Zen Master".

One product that I've tried and has worked for me is Holosync by the Centerpointe
Research Institute.

5.4 Theta Brain Waves & That "Ah-Ha!" Moment

Despite what many people think, the subconscious mind is the source of all creative
ideas, inspiration and that “ah-ha” moments. That’s why you always hear artists, writers
and other creative-type people talk about "finding inspiration".

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Brain Waves – The Science Behind the Amazing Power of the Mind

This also applies to scientists and researchers. The typical image of researchers is that
they spend all day and night in a lab trying to create new discoveries.

However, nearly all of the life-changing scientific inventions and breakthroughs have
resulted from dreams, flashes of inspirations, messages, hunches and hints that scientists
received when they were sleeping, relaxing, going home, doing other things instead of
work --- periods when their subconscious minds were dominant and in theta brainwaves.



A chemist named Friedrich von Stradonitz was trying to understand the
chemical nature of the hydrocarbon named benzene. He knew that
benzene was a compound that contains six atoms of carbon and six of
hydrogen. However, he just couldn’t figure out how they all fit together.

Exhausted, he turned the problem over to his subconscious mind. Later, as
he was about to board a bus, his subconscious presented his conscious
mind with an image of a snake biting its own tail and turning around like a

This inspired him to start thinking in a new direction. Not long later, he
cracked the puzzle and discovered the circular arrangement of atoms
known as the benzene ring.

In fact, many of the most creative scientists in history are aware of the importance of the
subconscious mind. The greatest achievements of Albert Einstein, Marconi, Thomas
Edison and many others have actually come about after an insight or inspiration from
their subconscious mind.

Clearly, the ability to use the power of the subconscious mind is one of the most
important factors in determining the success of great scientists, researchers, artists,
writers, etc. Imagine how much more effective you could be if you knew how to go to
theta and use the power of your subconscious mind to solve your problems and

5.5 What Happens if You Wake Up in Theta

When Theta brainwaves are dominant in your mind, you’re temporarily disconnected
from your body. So, if you wake up during the theta part of your sleep cycle, you won’t
remember anything.

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Brain Waves – The Science Behind the Amazing Power of the Mind

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"The world we live in is the world we choose to live in, whether consciously

or unconsciously."
- Anthony Robbins

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Brain Waves – The Science Behind the Amazing Power of the Mind

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