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prepared: Check: Approved: Alex

Date Revise Version Description

2010.4.14 V1.0 Initial Issue

2011.11.18 V2.0

According to the customer whole enginge module
requirement to revise service manual,the contents as
1.Cancel charpter 2-13(Disassemble color wheel mod-
2.Cancel charpter 2-14(Disassemble DMD chip and
DMD board).
3.Cancel No.5,6,7,19,20 parts and modify No.18 part
number in appendix A

2011.12.1 V3.0

According to the customer requirement to add contents
as following:
1.Add charpter 2-13(Disassemble color wheel module).
2.Add charpter 2-14(Disassemble DMD chip and DMD
3.Add No.5,6,7,19,20 parts number in appendix A

2012.1.31 V4.0 Modify No.5,21 parts number in appendix A

2012.3.19 V5.0
1.Add No.31,32 parts number in appendix A
2.Add new photo sensor rework SOP in appendix C

Copyright March. 2012. All Rights Reserved

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This manual is applied to BS275/BX275 projection system. The manual gives you a brief
description of basic technical information to help in service and maintain the product.

Your customers will appreciate the quick response time when you immediately identify
problems that occur with our products. We expect your customers will appreciate the
service that you offer them.

This manual is for technicians and people who have an electronic background. Please
send the product back to the distributor for repairing and do not attempt to do anything
that is complex or is not mentioned in the troubleshooting.


The information found in this manual is subject to change without prior notice. Any
subsequent changes made to the data herein will be incorporated in future edition.

BS275/BX275 Service Manual

Copyright March., 2012.

All Rights Reserved

Manual Version 5.0


Page 43

BS275/BX275 3-�

3-5 Image troubleshooting

Page 44

BS275/BX275 3-7

Image troubleshooting

Page 86

BS275/BX275 Confidential �

Appendix C
New photo sensor board Reworking SOP

1.This procedure only for reworking old photo sensor(80.8EG04G002) to improve auto

2. The new photo sensor(80.8LP04G001) board must match with new main board
The PN of new main board of BS275 is 80.8HC01G003
The PN of new main board of BX275 is 80.8HF01G003
3. For main board rework, refer to chapter 2 (2-1~2-9)for details

1. Parts Required
Coretronic P/N LG P/N Description Quantity
85.1A126G080 COV31453101 SCREW PAN MECH M2.6*8 NI �

2. Disassemble Photo Sensor Board

1).Unscrew 1 screw (as blue circle) to disassemble the photo sensor board from the Color
Wheel Module.

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BS275/BX275 Confidential 2

3. Assemble New Photo Sensor Board
1). Add “spacer with tape” to new photo sensor board (as below picture shows).
2). Assemble new photo sensor board on color wheel module.

wheel bracket horizontally.

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