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TitleBlaine vs Residues
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Blaine vs Residues

1 Introduction

This short presentation will detail the relationship between Blaine fineness and the residue on a sieve
of a given

Portland cement.
- Other materials such as raw meal or fly ash will be mentioned as examples.

To the question to know if there is a direct relationship between Blaine and residue, the answer is

- When the Blaine increases, the residue on a given sieve decreases.
- On the contrary, if the Blaine decreases, the residue on a given screen increases.
- And there are the exceptions that prove the rule.
- Here is an example of good relationship between Blaine and the residue for fly ash:

2 Blaine

- The fineness of cement is measured as specific surface area.
- This is called the Blaine specific surface.
- The specific surface area is expressed by the total of the surface area in square centimeters of all the

particles beeing in one cement gram.
- The units used are generally: cm2/gr and also m2/kg
- Some usual values of Blaine:

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