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                            PRODUCT PROFILE
	Bisleri, a product established in India by Ramesh Chauhan, Chairman of Parle Aqua Minerals has become a generic brand. Bisleri was the first marketed bottled water in a totally virgin market. The brand has become synonymous with mineral water; consumers accept any brand offered by the retailer when they ask for Bisleri.
	The 4Ps
Advertising Campaign of Bisleri before Launch of Acquafina & Kinley
	Consumer Concerns and Perceptions
			Parle Agro’s Bailey
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Price or competition

Pricing is the next most important consideration for the consumer. they have

crashed the prices of the one liter and 500 ml offerings. “At Rs.5, that is half the

price of the one liter pack, the 500 ml pack is a steal,” says Company.

But what about the smaller pack eating into the one-liter sales? Answers Company,

“Interestingly, the smaller pack has pushed up the one liter sales. There has been

a very good rub-off.” Schemes for retailers for a combination of both packages are

on create the push. However, one liter packs which accounted for 50 per cent of the

company’s turnover has come down to 30 per cent. The two-liter packs, which have

practically disappeared from the shelves, have come down from 20 per cent to

five per cent. The growth has come from the 500 ml and the five-liter category,

which account for 15 per cent and 36 per cent of turnover respectively.

Earlier, Bisleri was selling at a premium of Rs.12 for the same size. But

beginning last year, it has been selling its one- liter bottles at Rs.10 each. Aqua

Minerals attributes the Price slashing to retailer margins being on the higher

side earlier.

The competitive Rs.10-price tag has been working well for the brand. Points out

Chauhan, “Our sales prove that the Indian consumer is getting smarter by the

day. If he can buy a high- quality product for the same price, why will he opt for

an inferior brand?” For frequent consumers, Bisleri introduced a half-liter bottle

priced at Rs.5 some six months back. There’s also a two-liter bottle for Rs.18.

In what could be a masterstroke, Aqua Minerals is testing out the possibility of

mass marketing 20-litre Bisleri bottles for an MRP of Rs.40. That works out to

Rs.2 a liter. If the logistics, manufacturing and distribution do fall in place, it could

change the face of the purified water market for keeps. In the current scenario,

mineral water is picked up more by travelers, less by households. With its big

capacity jar, Aqua Minerals wants to change that. “they are trying to break the

home market with the 20-litre jar,” company discloses.

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