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Ifi Szerzők:
B. Lipták Csilla
Csősz Tímea

Dr. Jeremy Parrott

f i Illusztrációk:
Falcione Sarolta

€P*m ellékIet

\ A hangfelvételt készítette
Árkádia Rádió, Makó

V Közreműködött:
Dr. Jeremy Parrott
Jennifer Túsz
Catherine Williamson

Kiadói kód: MX-479
Kerettanterv: 17/2004 (V.20.), 3-as számú melléklet
Szerkesztő: Nemcsók Adrienn
Tömeg: 508 g
Terjedelem: 296 oldal (26,46 ív)

Minden jog fenntartva, beleértve a sokszorosítást, a mű bővített,
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engedélye nélkül sem a teljes mű, sem annak része semmilyen
formában nem sokszorosítható.

ISBN 978 963 261 106 8

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© Copyright Maxim Kiadó, Szeged

Page 165

and windy, and we have to wear warm clothes we rarely go out, and meet our friends
just occasionally. We spend the long winter evenings at home watching TV and going
to bed early. On the other hand, in summer we often go out, have barbecues, go on trips
or outings. We meet more people, spend more time in nature, therefore we are in better
moods and we seem to be happier.

m Are you influenced by the weather? How?
a) Yes, I am. Bright, sunny weather makes me feel good and happy; I feel in seventh heaven.

On the other hand, if it is raining, or it’s cloudy and foggy I am gloomy, deep in depression.
I do not want to do anything, just stay at home, lie down, sleep or listen to music.

b) No, I am not. I am always cheerful, enjoy being with my friends or reading a fantastic
book. Nothing can destroy my desire for happiness. I definitely like walking and “singing
in the rain” just like Fred Astaire.

m How much sleep do you need? How much sleep do you usually have?

a) I need a lot of sleep. If I do not sleep at least eight hours I feel tired. I never forget to go to
bed on time, so that I can have enough rest. I am an early bird, so I can’t stay up late even
if I want to. In the morning I always wake up at 7 without an alarm clock. I can rely on my
biorhythm, it is very punctual.

b) I need a lot of sleep but in the morning I always feel exhausted. It means I never sleep
enough; I could always sleep a bit more. My mom argues with me every morning. If it
wasn’t for her I’d always be late for school. I know the reason: I go to bed late, because
I play computer games, and the last game always lasts for 2-3 hours. Yesterday I fell asleep
on the bus, and the bus driver woke me up at the final bus top. Two days ago my art teacher
was very angry when he found out that I was sleeping during his lesson. Sooner or later I’ll
have to do something about it.

® How can people avoid sleepless nights?

There are many tips about how to have a sound night’s sleep. Experts support the idea that we
should establish a steady sleeping plan or regular sleeping schedule, which means going to
bed and getting up at around the same time. The bed should be comfortable and the bedroom
dark and quiet. We should use it only for sleeping. We should keep away from heavy meals
and caffeine drinks before bedtime. Coffee and other stimulants like tea, nicotine or chocolate
can keep your body feeling active and wide awake. If your mind refuses to rest when in bed,
get up and do some light chores, read a boring novel or practise light tai-chi. You may try
inducing sleep through relaxation techniques. When your mind is relaxed and peaceful, it’s
much easier for your body to give in and fall asleep.

Page 166

1 2 . L I F E S T Y L E

1 3 What is harmful to our health?

a) Almost everything. If you live in a town or city you inhale polluted air, you hear the
continuous murmur of the traffic, you are anxious all the time, not to mention the fact that
you do not know what you actually drink or eat. Everything is ready-made, prepared, you
can t see the process just the result. In the countryside you may have something natural
and harmless, I guess.

b) It’s a difficult question. As the proverb says: One man’s meat is another man’s poison. This
means that what is good for me, may be bad or even harmful to you. I can drink a lot of
coffee, and as my blood pressure is low it does not do too much harm. But it has a different
effect on my father, who has chronic high blood pressure. If he drinks more than one
cup of coffee he feels bad and dizzy So he shouldn’t drink too much of it. However, there
are some health-threatening things, such as smoking, taking drugs or drinking alcohol,
which are considered to be harmful and very dangerous. The danger originates from the
fact that it is easy to become addicted to these things, and in the majority of cases it is
almost impossible to get rid of these addictions.

m In some countries smoking in public places is forbidden. What do you think
about this regulation?

a) I totally agree with it. This is the only way to tackle the problem of smoking effectively A ban
on smoking in public places and workplaces came into force in July 2008 in England, and
since then heart attack rates have fallen by about 10%. It is proven that second-hand smoke
increases the chances of a heart attack. Advertising is another hot issue. Half measures are
not enough. I go for a full ban of cigarette ads, as manufacturers use very sophisticated
marketing techniques. When one form of advertising is banned (they cannot appear on
TV), they simply shift to another channel (they advertise through the internet, magazines,
films, concerts and sporting events).

b) It is a very controversial move, and many governments have resisted such proposals. The
tax on tobacco is still high, so governments still need this money. Unfortunately, the
tobacco industry and its distributors form a large group, and they can successfully lobby
for their rights.

0 1 What is passive smoking? Do you think it's a health hazard?

In a simple way it means breathing other people’s tobacco smoke. It has been estimated that
tobacco smoke contains as many as 60 substances which cause cancer. And many irritate the
tissues of the respiratory system. Breathing in other people’s smoke can cause eye irritation,
headache, cough, sore throat, dizziness and nausea. Researchers have recently found that
passive smoking is a cause of lung cancer and heart disease in adult non-smokers. There is
also evidence that suggests that passive smoking may affect children’s mental development.
So it is much more than a great health hazard, it is a crime.

Page 330




3. (by) planning together / involving each other
4. brochure, guidebook, video (the Internet)
5. white-water ra� ing, scuba diving
6. you must pretend you’re on holiday
7. Friday and Saturday
8. at least one

19. Communication


Computer Internet Cellphone Television Newspapers





USB port










hands-free set

text message

speed dial


top-up card

prime time


on air



talk show







classifi eds

Reading Comprehension

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Listening Comprehension

0. not to increase
1. Denmark
2. (more than) 420.000
3. no link

Page 331




4. cancer
5. brain cancer
6. don’t/do not remember
7. their memory
8. USA, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Finland (any three of the � ve countries)
9. car accidents

10. (about) 10/ten years
11. health of children
12. essential calls

20. Scientifi c Progress


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Reading Comprehension

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Extra phrase: H

Listening Comprehension

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