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Table of Contents
                            Table of Contents
Audio Program Index
Welcome and Greetings
A Message from Sanaya and Duane
Information about the vibrational energy and light body centers
Why awaken your light body?
Instructions for Using These Journeys
Getting Started
First Growth Snapshot
Nu'a and Dinia
Visualization Aid for Nu’a and Dinia
Visualization Aid for Nu’a, Dinia, and Leow
Additional Guidance and Suggestions
Are You Ready to Start Part 2?
Transcripts of Audio Journeys
	Sounds of the Centers
	Program 1:  DaBen and Orin Introduction
	Program 2:  DaBen Nu’a, Dinia
	Program 3:  DaBen Nu’a, Dinia Second Journey
	Program 4:  Orin Subpersonality Journey
	Program 5: Orin Age Regression: Evolving Your Inner Child
	Program 6 DaBen: Nu’a, Dinia Third Journey
	Program 7: DaBen Leow
	Program 8: DaBen Nu’a, Dinia, Leow
	Program 9: DaBen Emotional Release Journey
	Program 10: DaBen Self-Healing Journey
	Program 11: DaBen/Orin You Are the Master
	Program 12: DaBen/Orin Journey to Temple of Masters
Sponsoring/Sharing/Teaching the Light Body
What's Next?
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Awakening Your Light Body Part 1

Building Your Power Base

LuminEssence Productions

Written Material to Accompany
the Audio Course

Includes Transcripts

DaBen Meditations by Duane Packer
Orin Meditations by Sanaya Roman

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DaBen and Orin’s Awakening Your Light Body Course
Part 1: Building Your Power Base (LB111E)

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Table of Contents
Audio Program Index 3
Information About This Course 5
Sharing/ Copying/ Teaching This Course 5�
What’s Next? 55
Transcripts of Journeys and Talks 57
Sounds of Centers as Spelled in Transcripts 58

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DaBen and Orin’s Awakening Your Light Body Course
Part 1: Building Your Power Base (LB111E)


Journal Notes

Program 9 Emotional Release Journey by DaBen:
We suggest you only practice this using the journey.

Date of practice with journey:

Date of practice with journey:

Date of practice with or without journey:

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Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman
LuminEssence Productions •


Journal Notes

Program 10 First Process - Transforming Food by DaBen:
Do at least once without the journey.

Date of practice with journey:

Date of practice without journey:

Second Process - Self-healing a Muscle Ache or Blocked Energy:
Do at least once without journey.

Date of practice with journey:

Date of practice without journey:

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DaBen and Orin’s Awakening Your Light Body Course
Part 1: Building Your Power Base (LB111E)


welcome to you as these members of your soul group acknowledge you. Send your
welcome and love to them.
You are now going to send lines of light to all those people who are one step behind
you. As you are in the courtyard of this beautiful Temple of the Masters, imagine that
you are radiating light from your soul to the souls of those people who are one step
behind. These are the people who are most able to receive your light. And, in receiving
it, will empower you the most as well.
Lines of light are coming out from you and from everyone in your group connecting
to their group, to those who are one step behind them. You are connecting at the soul
level with these people, lighting up their path. Notice what an enormous group is
following you, and those in your soul group.
Turn your attention now to those who are sending you light, who are one step ahead
of you. The greatest gift you give them is to open to their light. Receive it now. In any
way they can, they are making the path easier for you, lighting up the way so that you
might see it more clearly, the path you are on. They are passing to you all the gains and
lessons they have learned, so that your path might be easier, quicker, and more joyful.
Part of spiritual growth is passing on the light and opening the way for others.
Imagine before you leave your soul group, that all of you are generating a great light
together; a beautiful re�ned light. You can tap into this light anytime you want, feeling
the friendship and the companionship, the love that is here.
Next imagine that the courtyard is clearing and you are alone with the master. This
is the master you are working with. The master asks you to sit with him or her. He or
she assists you in getting very quiet within.
The master begins to transmit energy to you�energy to assist you in taking this
quantum leap. First, the master sends energy to your physical body, assisting your
physical body in handling a higher vibration, the higher vibration you are now running
through it. All you need do is receive.
The master is assisting you in quieting and harmonizing your emotional body.
The master is sending light to your mind, so that you may hear more clearly the
voice of your Higher Self.
The master is now aligning your chakras. You need not know or even sense what
the master is doing. All of your energy is now being keyed to a higher note, a �ner
The master acknowledges that you are indeed coming from a higher level in your life
now. The master is looking straight into your eyes. He or she puts his or her hand on your
heart, and says, �I love you. You are a master too. Awaken now to your mastership.�
Feel yourself awakening, acknowledging who you are, looking at the world with a
greater wisdom.
Imagine that you can see many paths in front of you, representing many of your
probable futures. One path is the most radiant and has the most light; takes you the
highest and the furthest. Find that path right now.
In front of that path is a door. You are going to walk through this doorway and plant
your feet �rmly on your higher path. Before you do, the master asks you to go deep
within and make a strong commitment to your spiritual growth, to put your path of
enlightenment above all else, to commit to your soul�s path.
When you feel the strength of this commitment, walk through the doorway, and
feel yourself surrounded with more light. Your feet are planted �rmly on your path of
greatest light.

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Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman
LuminEssence Productions •


The master that you have been working with is assisting you in lifting higher so that
you might look out at your life now from the perspective of the master. As you are on
your path of light, you will gain more and more ability to live as your Higher Self.
Pretend once again that you are now the master. You are looking at your life from
this wise, all knowing perspective. Feel the light that radiates from you.
What can you do to grow spiritually? What are the most important things you are
doing in your life right now that are contributing to your enlightenment, and how
might you increase these activities or add new ones?
Think of a situation in your life that you would like some insight about. Pick something
that is not highly emotional for you right now for this exercise. As the master, how
would you handle this situation? How would you think about it? How might you act
that is different from what you have been thinking of earlier?
You are wise, sure of yourself, full of compassion. You come from your heart. Look
at this situation now and give yourself advice.
Imagine that many beings of light are joining you. You are making a great contribution
to all of humanity by your willingness to awaken your light body, to radiate more light,
and to take a quantum leap in your growth. All of the beings are here to celebrate with
you. They are providing an even greater focus of light for you in recognition of all you
are doing for others.
There is great cause for celebration. You have always been sensitive to the subtle
energies of light. You have heard this inner call and it is growing stronger. We are here,
the guides and the beings of light, the masters and the teachers, to remind you of who
you are.
If there is anything you need help with, all you need to do is ask. If there is anything
we can assist you with right now by holding a focus of light with you, sending you
strength or whatever other soul quality you would like, ask for that now, and feel it
being given to you.
Can you open to receive even more? Part of your challenge will be how much you
can allow yourself to have. Open up now even more to allow yourself to receive. You
are not alone. There is so much assistance available in the higher dimensions.
As you awaken your light body you will be more and more in contact with the higher
beings in these higher dimensions of light, more able to tap into the love, the light, and
the guidance that is available here; able to work with the higher communities of light
in serving and in adding more light to your dimension.
Imagine now that you are joining the beings of light to put a wake up call out to
other souls, so that they too might hear the inner call to awaken. You might imagine
that one beautiful “om” is being sounded now, and that you are joining with it, using
your inner voice, listening with your inner ears, as a wave of love is sent through all
the kingdoms. Sent to you and to every cell in your body.
The celebration is for you. All the beings are sending you a sound or a note to awaken
you even more.
Now you are going to return to the room you are in. You have just accepted a greater
role in world service, a greater path of light. What you have done is very real. Come
back to the room now, feeling the greater light that you are. Feeling the light all around
you as you gently and easily bring your consciousness back into your body.

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