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                            Guided Meditations
	About Yogi Bhajan
Table of contents
	The Power of Memories
		Guided Meditations
	Let Your Purity Guide You
		Guided Meditation
	Body, Mind and Spirit
		Guided Meditation
		Guided Meditation
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with the

Atma Singh Khalsa
Guruprem Kaur Khalsa
from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D.

four guided meditations with Yogi Bhajan’s voice recorded in mp3 format

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Let Your Purity Guide You
October 16th, 2001

Without meditation there is nothing. The mental life inside is very clear,
calm, quiet, peaceful. It has nothing to do with anything. Manners,
behaviors and third eye sight are all mental. Mental is 70% and physical is
30%. Depending on how your third eye works, in the end you will find that
all sexual activities, friendships and consolation were nothing. They did not
serve you. They only consumed your time in a particular space.

It is not easy to live a Master’s will.
But if you do not know how to live
to a Master’s will, you cannot live in
God’s Will. What is a student who
cannot sacrifice? First there must
be commitment, then character,
dignity, divinity, grace, power to
sacrifice, and then happiness. There
are seven steps.

Do you think that what belongs to
you is yours? It is not true now, it
was never true and it is not going to
be true. The body that belongs to
you is not yours. When my doctor
was going to cut my toe I said, “Cut
it. It doesn’t matter.” It is our family
tradition that the feet are touched.
Politeness prevailed. I thought of
everybody as family, so they touch my feet. So, feet lost the toe! My job is
not to be a great man. My job is just to teach greatness. I did not come here
to become a guru.

Somebody came today and said, “Do you know my son cut his hair?” I said,
“You know, God gave him a destiny to become a leader, and now he is
nothing.” Because it is very difficult to go on top of the mountain and very
easy to fall. Same body! But there is a mind in it. How you want to apply
that mind is up to you.

Sikhs are going to be tested. Your turban and your white clothes are going

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to be questioned. You are going to be questioned. You were born under
that destiny where you are to be questioned and survive. That is the way
you are.

When I left India and came to America I always used to dream that I would
have a house on the mountain. The house in Anandpur Sahib satisfies that
dream. It is on top of a mountain and, the most beautiful thing, when you
open the main door, what you see is… so beautiful! You bow right there.
However corrupt you are or how pure you are does not matter. If you want
to experience the psyche, that is psyche! You see the living experience of
psyche face to face when you open that door. It is not something you or I
can create.

The flow of micro-consciousness in macro-consciousness creates an action
into space and time for circumstances to be invented into the future of time
and space where there is no end to it. That is the power of man—from
nothing to everything. The Taj Mahal was made for a man’s wife. Had he
made it for God, the world would have been different. But he could not go
beyond that.

Guided Meditation with the
Master, Into the Heart of the
Part I - 11 Minutes
Sit straight in a cross-legged position.
Eyes are closed.

“Sit straight in a meditative mood and
posture. Watch your physical body
and be grateful and in gratitude to
God Who made it the way it is, with
all its weaknesses and strengths. But
the highest strength and most
powerful reaching and sense of your
life are that you can sit and meditate.
For the moment of this truth, the
gratitude is there.

We are not perfect and divine, and
neither we should be and neither are

we asking for it. But we are asking that at this moment we have the
capacity and capability of concentrating inside us. We are asking our self, for
this moment, in this time and in this space, to be pure.

We are not questioning our achievement. We are questioning our action, our
karma. The moment karma is done in the name of dharma, elevation takes

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most powerful, the cleanest karma of all. And that is your dharma. All what
there is and all what there will be are co-existing and coordinating and co-
connected with you. And you have to have that sensitivity.”

Part II – Meditation on Sound - 31 minutes
Same posture. Powerfully move the navel as you sing the “Ik Acharee Chand”
shabd (“Ajai Alai” by Gurushabd Singh and Nirinjan Kaur. Jaap Sahib, lines 189-196)

Ajai. Alai. Abhai. Abai.
Abhoo. Ajoo. Anaas. Akaas.
Aganj. Abhanj. Alakh. Abhakh.
Akaal. Diaal. Alaykh. Abhaykh.
Anaam. Akaam. Agaah. Adhaah.
Anaatay. Pramaathay. Ajonee. Amonee.
Na Raagay. Na Rangay. Na Roopay. Na Raykhay.
Akarmang. Abharmang. Aganjay. Alaykhay.

“This shabd gives you many words
one word at a time—they are all
faculties of God. Your whole being
will coordinate the sound, the
system, the self, the breath, the life,
the prana. What you personify is
what you become.

Touch the navel. Move it! Union
must take place! Give a few
minutes to living. When you move
the navel the sound will change.
Change the inner self so that the
outer world will change. What an
easy way to be healthy! Change the
inner self, bring it to zero thought,
move the navel!”

To End
Inhale long and deeply, exhale and relax.

In spite of all our handicaps we are a beautiful soul. Physical weaknesses
occur because we do not have a habit—sadhana. “Sa” means "total,"
“Dhana” means “wealth.” The total wealth is in sadhana. But we do not
have a habit, we do not have time, we do not appreciate it. We feel that
there is a God on the seventh story and we have to make a lot of money to
build a staircase to reach there. Then we will sit on the right side of God.
What we are going to do then? Jump?

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For years and years, for eons, we have taught each other with love and
affection, yet we have never taught that we must co-exist. We can never
exist personally. It is not our faculty! When you start existing for yourself,
you are causing pain to your self, to your being and to your inner being, to
your everything. You are co-coordinating, inter-dependent and co-existent.

For the last 5,000 years you have
been taught how to be in pain. You
do not know pleasure. Pleasure is in
co-existence. Pain is self-existing. It
is so simple. When you intelligently,
intellectually, socially and personally
understand that you are doing
something where your co-
existence is in danger, correct it,
and everything around you will

Make yourself a center of your
total energy and beauty. You will
never be a slave. You will be self-
contained, self-content and
continuous. Do not regret living.
Do it today!


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