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9th cusp sublord is Mars - IX- Jupiter-Jupiter-Mars


Saturn signifying 5-10-4-7-8 is in the star of Mars, lord of 5

and 10, and in the subdivision of Venus, lord of 11th.

Next Lagna lord, Moon is also in the star of Mars signifying 5-

10-7. Moon is stationed in the 11th and aspected by Jupiter,

lord of 9th. As already explained, d one were to be a Minister,

Lagna lord should be connected or signify 2-9-10-11 houses.

Natives, whose 9th house sublord even if it has strong

signification to 2-9-10-11 houses, has no chance to be elected

as a Minister, As such, to make the readers understand the 9th

cuspal level, all these are being explained. I am again quoting

the birth chart of Sri M. Karunanidhi, former Chief Minister, a live

event, for an easy and clear understanding. In this chart, Lagna

lord having signification to houses 2-10-11, Lagna lord has

become very strong. At this level, in this chart the 9th sublord

has come as Mars, as explained earlier. This Mars is in his own

star Dhanishta, signifying 5-10-7 and out of the 9 divisions of the

Dhanishta star, Mars is in Saturn division. Now Mars also

aspects Mercury by its 4th aspect. Mercury is connected to the

11th. Therefore, 9th sublord Mars falls in the 9th house, which

9th house lord is Jupiter, thereby signifying 9-5-10-11 houses.

At the same time, as Lagna lord Moon also being strong

signifying 2-10-11 houses, Sri M. Karunanidhi emerged as a

Minister. Had this 5th house signification also would not have

been there, he would have continued as a Minister till life long.

As already explained if 5-8 connections is also mixed up, one

will become a Minister and also stand to lose the Minister's post.

Accordingly, Mr.M. Karunanidhi did become a Minister, but also

lost his Minister post. Again after some time, he came back as a

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the simple reason, their lagna lords will be found to be very, very

weak, relevant to profession.

Next important observation will be to see not only the lord of

10th is weak, the dasa/bukthi lords also do not operate during

middle age to undertake a favourable profession.

Our next study is about the 5th house - 5th house has to be

strong. When the 5th house is strong it is advantageous to the

husband and children but disadvantageous or even damaging to

the wife. From such levels of analysis alone that we come

across, we find such of those women cannot undertake any

profession, but remain as house wife during their entire life time.

Some at the women, even though less qualified, their lagna

lord, lord of 10th, lord of 2nd being strong, along with favourable

dasa/bukthi, say even a SSLC women reaches a higher level


We find few persons who are clerks, are the same clerks till

their death without any rise in their status by way of promotions

and so on. The reason is - lagna lord will be stationed in the ath;

the 10th lord will not be having any connection to 2 and 10; the

dasaJbukthi also will not be operating during their middle age.

Naturally the Native will have stagnant set up of life.

Again, we find few persons who started their life as a peon,

coming upto a higher post. Here the reasons are the 10th

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