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Designation: C 1396/C 1396M – 04

Standard Specification for
Gypsum Board 1

This standard is issued under the fixed designation C 1396/C 1396M; the number immediately following the designation indicates the
year of original adoption or, in the case of revision, the year of last revision. A number in parentheses indicates the year of last
reapproval. A superscript epsilon (e) indicates an editorial change since the last revision or reapproval.

1. Scope*

1.1 This specification covers the gypsum boards described
in 1.1.1-1.1.9.

NOTE 1—Specifications C 840, C 841, C 844 and C 1280 contain ap-
plication procedures for gypsum board.

1.1.1 Gypsum wallboard, designed for use on walls, ceil-
ings, or partitions and that affords a surface suitable to receive

1.1.2 Predecorated gypsum board, designed for use as the
finished surfacing for walls, ceilings, or partitions.

1.1.3 Gypsum backing board, coreboard, and shaftliner
board, designed for use as a base in multilayer systems or as a
gypsum stud or core in semisolid or solid gypsum board
partitions, or in shaft wall assemblies.

NOTE 2—The terms backing board, coreboard, and shaftliner board
refer to different end uses. The term gypsum backing board, as used in this
specification, shall include gypsum coreboard and gypsum shaftliner
board unless otherwise stated.

1.1.4 Water-resistant gypsum backing board, designed pri-
marily to be used as a base for the application of ceramic or
plastic tile on walls or ceilings. This product is also suitable for

1.1.5 Exterior gypsum soffıt board, designed for use on
exterior soffits and carport ceilings that are completely pro-
tected from contact with liquid water.

1.1.6 Gypsum sheathing board, designed for use as sheath-
ing on buildings.

1.1.7 Gypsum base for veneer plaster, designed for use as a
base for the application of gypsum veneer plaster.

1.1.8 Gypsum lath, designed for use as a base for the
application of gypsum plaster.

1.1.9 Gypsum ceiling board, designed for use on interior
ceilings with framing spaced not more than 24 in. [610 mm] on
center and that affords a surface suitable to receive water-based
texture and other decoration. This product is also suitable for
use on interior walls.

1.2 Specifications applicable to all gypsum boards are
located in Section 1-4 and 13-15. Specifications applicable to
specific gypsum boards are located in the following sections:

Gypsum wallboard, predecorated gypsum board 5
Gypsum backing board, gypsum coreboard,
gypsum shaftliner board


Water-resistant gypsum backing board 7
Exterior gypsum soffit board 8
Gypsum sheathing board 9
Gypsum base for veneer plaster 10
Gypsum lath 11
Gypsum Ceiling Board 12

1.3 The values stated in either inch-pound units or SI
(metric) are to be regarded separately as standard. Within the
text, the SI units are shown in brackets. The values stated in
each system shall be used independent of the other. Values
from the two systems shall not be combined.

2. Referenced Documents

2.1 ASTM Standards:2

C 11 Terminology Relating to Gypsum and Related Build-
ing Materials and Systems

C 473 Test Methods for Physical Testing of Gypsum Panel

C 645 Specification for Nonstructural Steel Framing Mem-

C 840 Specification for Application and Finishing of Gyp-
sum Board

C 841 Specification for Installation of Interior Lathing and

C 844 Specification for Application of Gypsum Base to
Receive Gypsum Veneer Plaster

C 1264 Specification for Sampling, Inspection, Rejection,
Certification, Packaging, Marking, Shipping, Handling,
and Storage of Gypsum Board

C 1280 Specification for Application of Gypsum Sheathing
E 84 Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of

Building Materials
E 96 Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Mate-

1 This specification is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee C11 on

Gypsum and Related Building Materials and Systems and is the direct responsibility
of Subcommittee C11.01 on Specifications and Test Methods for Gypsum Products.

Current edition approved May 1, 2004. Published June 2004. Originally
approved in 1998. Last previous edition approved in 2003 as C 1396/
C 1396M – 03a.

2 For referenced ASTM standards, visit the ASTM website,, or
contact ASTM Customer Service at [email protected] ForAnnual Book of ASTM
Standardsvolume information, refer to the standard’s Document Summary page on
the ASTM website.


*A Summary of Changes section appears at the end of this standard.

Copyright © ASTM International, 100 Barr Harbor Drive, PO Box C700, West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2959, United States.

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