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TitleAryal Et Al. - Ultrasound-mediated Blood-brain Barrier Disruption
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Table of Contents
                            Ultrasound-„mediated blood–brain barrier disruption for targeted drug delivery in the central nervous system
	1. Introduction
	2. Methods for drug delivery in the brain
		2.1. Invasive approaches to brain drug delivery
		2.2. Transvascular brain drug therapy: Biopharmaceutical approaches
		2.3. Transvascular brain drug therapy: BBB disruption
	3. Focused ultrasound
	4. Ultrasound-induced BBB disruption
		4.1. Effect of ultrasound parameters and other factors on BBB disruption
		4.2. Optimal parameters?
		4.3. Potential mechanisms
		4.4. Bioeffects induced by FUS and microbubbles
		4.5. Delivery of imaging/therapeutic agents and tests in animal disease models
			4.5.1. Delivery of therapeutics
			4.5.2. Disease models
		4.6. Methods to plan, monitor, and evaluate FUS-induced BBB disruption
			4.6.1. Treatment planning
			4.6.2. Treatment monitoring and control
			4.6.3. Treatment evaluation
	5. Going forward
	6. Conclusion

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